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I want to brief myself by giving my self introduction through this page. Myself Mr Amit Kapoor I belong to a business class family. As my fore fathers and father are into business from last 40 years. I got an opportunity to do my mechanical engineering where I was taught how to play with the tools, but somehow my interest was not too much into it.

Since my childhood, I was so curious to know about the planets how planets are revolving around us or how we are revolving around the planets? And what impact planets give on our personal birth chart. At this point i realised the journey of playing with planets is much interesting than playing with the tools . So i started reading birth charts. By the grace of God.
I came across so many people who approached me for their personal problems. get solution for your Lost LoveThey started believing in my astrology because the remedies which i guided them played a magic in there life through which i got lot of popularity. By gods grace its almost more than 25 years i have been practicing astrology and I realised one thing that planets are watching us regularly and how well they are placed in our birth chart which actually effects our KARMAS. So till now i am learning each day from everyones experience. Now i have created my own platform like Utube, Instagram and facebook from where i am connected with people all over the world. In last i must say that astrology ROCKS and has the power to change our bad times to good times. Thanks a ton to all my veiwers and my well wishers.
Ammit Kapur
World famous Astrologer

We have a section on Vedic astrology predictions.
We have a section on Vedic astrology get solutions for career problem. You will find many pix in this web page most of them have captions explaining the photo just click on the image to peer the caption. We need you to be nicely knowledgeable approximately all factors of Jyotish. To start out examine the unfastened Vedic astrology educational and customers manual: What is Vedic Astrology? It will help you to recognize some thing of the intensity of Vedic Astrology, its dating to Western Astrology, the role of fate, loose will and the regulation of karma, and the fundamental meanings of the planets and homes in a Vedic astrology chart. You will also discover about the many effective equipment available in Vedic astrology. And, it'll provide you with pointers and hints on a way to select a Vedic Astrologer.

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We provide practically each Vedic astrology carrier imaginable. For some of these (consisting of Prasna) we're the most effective thoroughly skilled Vedic astrologer out of doors of India. Typically when human beings consider astrology they suppose "beginning chart." However, there's an entire global of powerful Jyotish strategies wherein we have educated. To find out greater approximately the special gear available in Jyotish read What is Vedic Astrology? It explains almost each possible use that Jyotish can be put to. Jyotish is a great-technological know-how and inside the fingers of an professional astrologer you have got a effective tool to help and guide you Unlike other web sites our chart readings are executed by means of a real stay trained Vedic astrologer (Amit Kapoor) and are not laptop generated, typical and impersonal readings. This makes a huge difference as our client remarks tell and as you will individually enjoy for your self. We now deliver a short description of a number of our offerings, through clicking on the associated links you may see a better description of the service in addition to the way to avail yourself of that specific Jyotish art.

The Natal Chart or Birth Chart is also referred to as Janma Kundali or Janam Kundali in India. There are distinctive types of Birth chart readings like - mental - spiritual increase readings beneficial for non secular people, folks who meditate, are initiated into a religious order or are otherwise on a religious adventure; and secondly future predictions with time line which can be just predictive in nature for folks that just want "the statistics." And, there's also the 0.33 opportunity of a mixture of a spiritual boom and destiny prediction analyzing that is the exceptional of all. Read all approximately Birth Charts.

Vedic astrology Update Readings: after having a Birth Chart done you could want to take a more in-depth look at future time traces. For this cause we provide diverse Yearly chart readings (this is on occasion known as Varshaphal in India). We also do special readings for upcoming or current Mahadasha (Dasha) or Bhukti (planetary duration and sub intervals). Read all approximately Update Readings.

Prasna is one of the most useful tools inside the Vedic astrologer's arsenal, called Horary astrology in the West. This machine isn't always depending on the time of delivery and may be very useful for making strategic choices. Read all about Prasna.

Matchmaking: A Vedic astrologer allow you to for your quest to discover a soul mate through an historical device of Matchmaking the use of a chart compatibility look at of the Natal horoscope's of the boy and girl with a view to maximize marriage compatibility. This is known as Synastry in English and Jataka Vicara or Kundali Milan in India. It has stood the test of time. Read all approximately Vedic astrological Matchmaking.

Business Astrology: In this international you need an side to stay in advance of the competition. Vedic astrology assist you to pick out the right personnel and excessive degree managers with astrological government screening. Select the right enterprise companions, felony suggest, sound commercial enterprise investments, companies and suppliers. What ventures need to you enterprise in and when to start new ventures, where to begin a business and what to call your new enterprise so that it's far prosperous. Vedic astrology is an invaluable guide you in all your strategic choices. Read extra about Business Astrology.

By studying your chart in reference to Astrocartography we can determine in which inside the global is maximum favorable for you for to pursue your goals and internal most calling, religious increase, love, career, creativity, abundance, health and what places you need to avoid. Read all about Vedic Astrocartography.

Jyotish Remedial Measures: Vedic astrology not handiest allows in recognizing problem regions of life however can also offer effective techniques for atoning for beyond existence activities that gave us bad karma in this life. Remedial answers include, however are not limited to prayers, yajna and homas, following vratas (vows), giving charity, and analyzing of sastras. We can provide a remedial measure prescription for you. Read all about Remedial Measures.

Muhurta: once in a while known as Muhurat is the Vedic astrological equivalent of Western Electional astrology. It is the inverse of a Natal Chart in that from the Birth Chart we see the future of the individual or event, however with a Muhurta we choose an auspicious time for an critical existence event (marriage, beginning a commercial enterprise, etc.) in order that it has a useful final results. Without an correct time of delivery it is not possible to do your Birth Chart. Chart Rectification is the art and technology by way of which we are able to find out when you were born primarily based on past occasions for your existence. Read more about Chart Rectification.

Longevity Calculation: Also referred to as Ayurdaya makes a speciality of one thing and one thing most effective: "how long will you live?" Go here to avail of Longevity Calculation. Astrological Name: In Vedic culture the sound vibration associated with a call is important and it's far identified that it is able to carry true or horrific fortune. This applies to people and businesses. Read greater about Astrological Name.

Jyotish Gem Prescription: The Vedic worldview acknowledges that Gems have powers and are associated with each planet. And, that consistent with your Birth Chart (Kundali) configuration a Jyotish Gem can be compatible with you and be a effective addition in your life. Read greater about Jyotish Gems.

You will also discover hyperlinks to useful resources for Jyotish and other regions of Vedic lifestyle. If you're interested by analyzing this captivating difficulty then we provide a link to an group that gives high pleasant education.

If you have any hints approximately a way to improve this site or matters which you would really like to look included or have any positive grievance or comments please sense free to touch us approximately them. Please, if you word any hassle with the functioning of this web site contact us straight away; you may earn our boundless gratitude. Hoping this unearths you in good fitness and glad spirits. Yours in the provider of Sri-Sri Radha-Govinda

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