Venus Transit in Leo

Venus transit in Leo on the 28th of September 2020 to 23rd October 2020. Venus will transit to Leo on the 28th of September 2020 and stay there until the 23rd of October 2020. The Leo sign is owned by the Sun and is not friendly towards Venus. Nonetheless, Venus promises some significant results by way of house placement and aspect.
Venus represents sentiments, love, care, affection, taste, good food, hospitality, materialism, wealth, income, spouse, love interest, enjoyment in life and the female gender in general. Some of these attributes are likely to be far more affected than others during this transit.


Venus will transit to the 5th house and is likely to deliver favourable results. Your income will rise and your astuteness will be heightened while driving negotiations and striking new deals. Cash flow will be steady and you will realise payments ahead of schedule. Your children will demand your attention; be there when they need you. Your relationship with your spouse or love interest will improve and there will be many moments of happiness. Cherish this time.


Venus will transit to the 4th house and is very likely to deliver favourable results. Venus gets Digbali in the 4th house so it is one of the finest placements in the zodiac chart. Your home will be illuminated with feasts and many happy get-togethers. You will enjoy good health during this period. Your mother will be very happy with the family situation. This is a good time to buy a new vehicle if you have been planning to get one. Work will sail along smoothly with very few challenges. Your income will be steady and you won’t have to slog unduly.


Venus will transit to the 3rd house and it is likely to deliver good results. This is a good time for those involved in creative work or any of the arts. Your versatility and talents will peak during this period. You will be presented with opportunities to impress your superiors at work. Short distance travels will yield good results. You may go on memorable leisure trips with family and friends. Your younger siblings will be very helpful during this period; you must make it a point to reciprocate at an apt juncture. The sweetness in your speech will hold you in good stead.


Venus will transit to the 2nd house and is very likely to deliver favourable results. Your home will be the hub of happy events; the family will be in celebration mode. Your personal savings are likely to grow. Work will be smooth and your superiors are likely to act in your favour. This is a good time to review your investment portfolio and also plan for new investments. The time is also right for capital expenditure and possibly even asset creation. You may come across some good opportunities to exhibit your skills. Make sure you don’t miss these chances.


Venus will transit to Lagna or the 1st House and is likely to deliver good results. Your skin tone will brighten and your overall physical personality will shine. You should use this aspect in your favour, especially at work. This is a good time to re-affirm your love for your partner and iron out any existing differences. You will enjoy conjugal bliss during this period. Professionally, this will be a rewarding time and you should actively seek new responsibilities. Your good work will precede you, putting you in a position to ask the boss for special favours.


Venus will transit to the 12th house and is likely to deliver good results, although subject to some conditions. Your improved professional stature and the ability to spend big amounts of money could well make you a spendthrift. Control the splurging if you want this transit to be favourable. There will be many occasions to feast and enjoy life to the fullest during this period. Consult your elders and well-wishers before incurring any capital expenditure. Your negotiation abilities will be very effective at this time, so make the best of it.


Venus will transit to the 11th house and is very likely to deliver favourable results. You will virtually drown in gains, pouring in from multifarious sources. Family life, work and health will be favourable, so surely there are enjoyable times ahead. Your income will rise. In fact, a secondary source of income may emerge. This is a good time to become involved in an activity which is linked to your passion and use that talent to set up a regular income stream. Stay away from windfall-gain attractions such as the lottery, gambling and speculation. Don’t try to manipulate the growth pattern as it is likely to boomerang, setting you back by a considerable amount of money.


Venus will transit to the 10th house and is likely to deliver good results. Work will be very vibrant and you are expected to take the hot seat. You will get the desired results from your actions and are likely to be suitably rewarded by your seniors. You will be particularly adept at business negotiations during this period, winning new clients. Foreign connections related to work will appear in the times ahead. Overseas travel will have favourable results. There will be happiness and good cheer at home, and you can expect the support of all your family members.


Venus will transit to the 9th house and is likely to deliver positive results. Your overall luck factor will improve significantly. This appears to be a good time for your father. It is very likely that he will support you when you need it the most. Pay attention to your physical health and avoid overdoing anything, be it work or enjoyment. Income flow is expected to be smooth. There will some expenditure on essential items. Long-distance travels on work or leisure will make for good memories. Effective communication in the form of speech or writing will draw the results of your choice.


Venus will transit to the 8th house and is likely to deliver mixed results. Avoid being strong-headed and refrain from rash thoughts or actions. Don’t be tempted to take shortcuts to success; just take the regular route. Keep a close track of your health and also that of your spouse. Avoid excess of anything. Try to maintain good moral behaviour or there could be trouble. This is a good time to review your long terms investments such as insurance, bonds, provident fund etc. The flow of money will continue unabated and deliver prosperity as long as it is earned legitimately. Be respectful towards women in general; don’t do things to invite any issues with them.


Venus will transit to the 7th house and is likely to deliver positive results. You will gain attention at work as well as at home, and command the respect that you deserve. Your professional life will be smooth, with things going in your favour. Your family will be supportive, especially your spouse. Your physical appearance will attain a beautiful aura, making you feel good on the inside and outside. Your luck will peak during this period; this is a good time to take that calculated risk. The female gender will be a significant source of success for you during this transit.


Venus will transit to the 6th house and is likely to deliver mixed results. There are chances of discord in your married life, so go easy and maintain a healthy interaction with your spouse or love interest. Your hard work may not deliver the desired results, leading to temper tantrums. Avoid taking new loans and also avoid accepting new responsibilities at work. Stick to your regular profile and follow the standard operating procedures at work. Postpone any capital expenditure to prevent current losses. Your enemies may try to cause harm; keep a low profile during this transit.

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