Feb 19 - Mar 20

Taurus Weekly Horoscope 17th Jan 2022 to 23th Jan 2022

This week you will look very emotional, due to which you will find it difficult to keep your emotions under control. In such a situation, your peculiar attitude will confuse people and hence you may get annoyed. Since Rahu is in the first house and Ketu is in the 7th house, It will be better for you, just avoid disclosing your feelings to others. At this time, you will gain major benefits and can possibly make new financial schemes. In this case, before making any decision, carefully look at all the advantages and shortcomings associated with any type of investment. For this. You can also seek help from an experienced person. If you stay away from home, whenever you feel lonely this week, then in some way your family will keep cozy with their feelings and emotions. Therefore, despite being away they will be emotionally present with you every moment. This will protect you from depression. Also, it will help you to make wise decisions. This week, you will not hold back from pursuing any kind of illegal activity to gain momentum in Career. Doing so will incur satisfaction for some time, but in future you will find yourself in some big trouble. So avoid carrying out any wrong actions. At this time, students will get lucky in their education and their teachers will also be supporting them during this time. At the same time, the planetary combinations for the students preparing for competitive exams, this week will be better than others. During this time you will get fruits according to hard work in every exam, due to which people will not get tired of praising you.
Remedy: Chant “Om Durgaya Namaha” daily 108 times.

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