Virgo Monthly Horoscope (September, 2022) General Virgo natives are more logical and practical. Along .

Virgo Monthly Horoscope (September, 2022)

Virgo natives are more logical and practical. Along with this, their witty style helps them to make their own identity among others. In this regard, the Virgo natives will be favoured by luck in their careers in September 2022. Both, the working employees and businessmen, will attain the results of their former hard work. This will help them progress in their career and strengthen their position at the workplace. The natives who were thinking of changing their business will especially enjoy a favourable time this month. But avoid making any decision in haste.
However, there could be some troubles in education and family life. Saturn present in your fifth house will make the students work hard the most. They will feel distracted, but they must try to concentrate on only studies at this time, or else they will be unable to perform well in the upcoming exams.
September 2022 will be less favourable in the love related matter of the Virgo natives. The natives will feel the lack of love and romance in their relationship, and they might even have to face the wrath of their beloved due to a bad habit. The presence of Saturn in the fifth house in a retrograde state of the married natives will bring problems in their marital life. You might fail to spare time for your life partner due to the workload and the burden of family responsibilities.
This month will bring profit from foreign mediums in the financial domain. If your business is associated with foreign then you will get numerous profitable opportunities. But your desire to earn money quickly might make you want to opt for an illegal path. Refrain from going against the law, or you will land yourself in serious trouble. You will have to take care of your health the entire month as this month will be weak on the health front. Especially the natives suffering from any former disease might face more health problems this month. Also, you might suffer from any new disease or joint pain, bone problems, etc.
This month will be favourable for the Virgo natives career-wise. You will be favoured by your fate in your career at this time, which will help you attain success and progress at the workplace. If you have been thinking of switching jobs for a long time, this month will provide you with better opportunities at good organizations. Many natives will even bag the desired transfer. But for this, you will need to maintain a good relationship with your seniors.
If you are associated with business, this period will be positive for you. The natives who want to start a new business or want to expand their existing business will enjoy a favourable time this month. The auspicious planetary position will give you a good outcome despite fewer efforts. So take advantage of this opportunity.
This month will be positive in terms of financial life for the Virgo natives. The natives associated with business, especially with speculative business, this period will be favourable for them. But your desire to earn more money quickly might make you do wrong things. So, avoid getting entangled in illegal matters due to greed, or it will increase your troubles. You might even attain unexpected money during this time. The aspect of Saturn on your second house could give you immense money at this time. The natives could also succeed in getting foreign money through some mediums. Apart from this, if your money was stuck somewhere in the past and you had no expectations of getting it back, you might receive it this month.
This month will be mixed for the Virgo natives in the health domain. For the natives who are suffering from some prior disease, it might become worse this month. Some natives might suffer from a new disease. This month, the Virgo natives will be troubled the most by joint pain, bone-related diseases, etc. The presence of the lord of your sixth house, Saturn, in its own sign in the fifth house, might increase your trouble by making you suffer from an old disease again.
Try to consume only home-cooked food if possible. But due to the presence of Ketu in your second house, you will be relieved from some physical problems.
Love/Marriage/Personal Relations
This month will bring contradictory results in the love life of the Virgo natives. Especially the natives in a romantic relationship will have to face the wrath of their beloved. Your bad habit might bother your partner this month. So, maintain good behaviour while meeting or talking to your beloved.
Saturn is present in a retrograde state in the fifth house of the married natives. Due to this, your marital life will be less favourable. You or your life partner may face some health issues during this time which will lead to the physical distance between you two. You will feel surrounded by the burden of responsibilities of marital life which will cause you mental stress.
Family & Friends
This month will be challenging in terms of the family life of the Virgo natives. The unrest in the family will bother you, but you will need to correct the situation on time, or else the adverse circumstances will take the form of a serious issue and will lead to your mental stress.
You might get into conflicts with your family members against your will. Owing to this, you should stay calm and avoid taking any decisions without consulting the elders.
Recite Hanuman Chalisa regularly on Tuesdays and feed bananas to the monkeys.
Offer 1.5 kg sabut moong dal to Lord Ganesh.
Wear Emerald (Panna) gemstone.


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