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Virgo Monthly Horoscope (November 2021)

November is a great time in terms of your career. There are chances of getting favorable results as desired. This month is going to give very auspicious results in the field of studies. Avenues of success will open up in competitive exams. Moments of stress can occur in family life. Take control of your speech.
Try to resolve the problems with elders acting as mediators. This month is good in terms of love affairs. Relationships will intensify, love marriages are also possible. Married natives will lead a blissful married life. This month, you will stay away from any kind of financial worries. Your needs will be met comfortably. Yes, there can be some concern arising about health
From your career’s perspective, this month can prove to be encouraging for you. If managing your familial business, the situation will be beneficial. You will enjoy the influence or credibility of the family. The planet Venus will influence your tenth house of Karma throughout the month. With this, the softness will be witnessed in your way of working or behaviour. People working with you will remain content and feel happy around you.
You will get involved in your work, remain successful and self-confident as well. You are going to benefit from good advice and consultation from family and friends. Time will also be good for natives who are employed, and they will attain immense respect in the workplace. Also, high officials will be pleased with your performance.
People who have their own business will be able to innovate and create something new with their skills which can prove to be particularly beneficial in the future. Therefore, time is good for business. In the latter part of the month, things will remain favourable due to the transit of Jupiter. New sources of income will come into the light. Overall, good success is expected.
This month is not going to stress you out in terms of money and finances. There may not be enough money to spend lavishly, but there is not going to be less for the need. From an economic perspective, this month is going to be beneficial for you.
In the eleventh house of income, both Jupiter and Saturn are aspecting it and Rahu is in the ninth house. That is to say, many sources of income can come into sight. If you do business, then one such source of income can help you earn a good amount. You may come across sudden benefits as well.
If any old money is stuck somewhere, then there can be some way to recover it. If you are planning an investment, then the time is right. Just keep in mind that due to the influence of Rahu, refuse any proposal for an investment of any kind in fields such as lottery, betting.
On November 16, the Sun transits into your third house. Your personal efforts and power can lead to new paths of success. If you do any work related to the government sector, such as a government contract, there are chances of profits. With your efforts, you will also be able to complete them.
November is not going to be much pleasing for you in terms of health. There will be no major problems, but small problems will continue to come. This will upset your mind. One good thing is that you will face common problems or seasonal problems, which should not be a matter of much concern.
Due to the placement of the Sun in the second house with Mars, both fierce planets, your family members may suffer from blisters in the mouth, pain in the teeth, or eye-related troubles. Family members will also complain of boils. Jupiter and Saturn are both in the fifth house. Although it is a pleasant time for children, there may be complaints of stomach infection, digestive problems, stomach pain.
First of all, take care of what you eat or drink. There should be no negligence from your side. Children can act a little careless if the weather is changing. You need to be cautious about this. Everything else is going to be fine.
Love/Marriage/Personal Relations
If you are in a romantic relationship with someone, then this month is going to be very enjoyable for you. If you are in love with someone, do not delay in expressing it. Any old flame can knock and enter back in your life. Things can intensify in old love relationships.
The position of Jupiter along with Saturn in the fifth house also indicates love marriage. So those who have been in a love relationship for a long time and are willing to take the next step forward, the time has come for them to move forward and take the leap of faith. New ways will arise, but the effort must be put in honestly and with firm intent. Maintain communication with your partner. Do not just reveal your side, but listen to them as well. Do not try to impose anything. The tendency to dominate in your nature can be seen. It has to be controlled.
This time is going to be pleasant for married people too. Sweetness will be seen in married life. Marital happiness will be attained. Any good news can be received from your spouse or children. This can create a sense of festivity within the familial atmosphere. Any major benefit is expected with the support of your spouse. Family relationships will become better. Your image will improve and you will be seen as more responsible and sensible among family and relatives. This will add to your respect and honor as well.
But you will need to show your skills after 20 November. On the 20th, Jupiter will change its sign and move to the sixth house. The sixth house represents diseases and debt. Jupiter is the provider of marital happiness. Therefore, with Jupiter in the sixth house, things can become a bit difficult for you, but there is nothing to worry.
There is a need to remain careful when it comes to family relations. There is a possibility of some tensions arising with the spouse. You have to show your understanding in such cases and remain patient. Some challenging situations may arise in the relationship, but you will be able to solve it with a mutual conversation.
For those who are unmarried and willing to marry, the obstacles are going to come to an end. Marriage proposals will come in light for them. If there were ongoing discussions with someone regarding marriage, then it can turn out to be fruitful. You can get an opportunity to participate in any auspicious event. Time is going to be pleasant.
Family & Friends
Talking from a familial perspective, this month will prove to be sour-sweet or mixed. If an opportunity to meet with the family members arises, then there can be conflicts with the members about anything. In the second house of your horoscope, Mars has transited and is present along with the Sun. with both fierce planets together, things are going to get rough anyways!
They will offer you zeal and aggression, as well as add rudeness in speech. For this reason, a situation of tension may arise among the family members about any topic. Such minor things can become the cause of dispute, which can be easily ignored. And the reason for all this will be harshness in speech. Therefore, think and speak carefully, otherwise you will be held responsible for all the arguments and distress in the family. So speak thoughtfully or else be ready to take all the blame on your head.
Any dispute related to familial property can also begin. But instead of dealing with aggressiveness, try to resolve the matters in the presence of elders because Venus is sitting in the fourth house. Hence, take the initiative gently, since you will feel satisfied afterward.
You will get the opportunity to spend time with your family. If your mother’s health was bad earlier, then you can see rapid improvement. Your brothers and sisters may face any health-related problems, but there is nothing to worry about. Be patient. All will be well
Offer Bilva Leaves to Lord Shiva and chant the mantra “ॐ नमः शिवाय / oṃ namaḥ śivāya”.
You should offer Kusha on Shivling on Monday.
It would also be good to seek blessings of eunuchs on Wednesday.
You should plant a Peepal tree on Thursday and then offer water to it every Thursday without touching the tree.
Taking a bath in a holy river will give you happiness and peace.

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