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Taurus Monthly Horoscope (November 2021)

In some cases, this month will churn out mixed results. In terms of Career and Education, things will tune out to be favourable. At the same time, you need to be careful in terms of finances. Especially, spend every penny thoughtfully. Family Life can be stressful. One also needs to be careful regarding his/her health. This month will be very good for couples in love. Keep your voice calm and sweet, and do not let any kind of communication gap get to you.
This month will be good from the career’s perspective. Luck will remain on your side, and you will speedily carry out any impending work if stuck. You may come across some new opportunities, which will instill a ray of hope within you. Those seeking a job will succeed in their endeavours.
With you completing your task on time, you will remain mentally stronger. Due to the aspect of Mars on the ninth house, there may be some difficulties arising in your work, but you will be able to accomplish your goals with your courage and fearlessness. Administrative authorities will have your back and support you at every step.
Due to Jupiter’s transit in the tenth house on 20 November, there may be fluctuations in the field of your work, but eventually, things are likely to go in your favor. You have to make decisions thoughtfully and keep your mind calm.
Suddenly, the workload on you will increase, but you are required not to panic and take one step at a time while planning a strategy. This month will not be as encouraging in terms of business. The mind can become anxious, as a result. There is a need for caution when carrying out transactions. If you work with patience, benefits are likely to be there.
Financially, this month will give out mixed results for you. Things will go as desired in some cases, whereas you can face constant disappointment as well in others. However, you will be able to overcome all those obstacles and challenges with your courage and might but remember you may have to work harder. remind mentally prepared to put in more effort than usual as it is only then you can work better. You may remain lazy and can procrastinate.
Time will not be fortunate for you but full of hard work and constant efforts. Suddenly, you may come across unnecessary expenses which can cause mental stress. not gaining expected profit in business can make you frustrated as well. Therefore, do not spend your money unnecessarily and try to accumulate your wealth as much as possible.
With Venus being in the eighth house, you can develop a tendency to spend money for show or luxury. Be cautious about this. Some unnecessary and hidden expenses are also possible. Be careful, as these expenses can prove to be troublesome later.
Time is not favourable for you in terms of health. There will be several ups and downs and minor problems can arise. You need to remain cautious about what you eat and drink, especially if you are going on a trip. With the ascendant lord being in the eighth house, your lifestyle can undergo several changes that will directly impact your health. Therefore, there are chances of you paying a visit to a doctor or hospital.
The sixth house represents debts, diseases and enemies. With the Sun and Mars in the sixth house, you will face health-related troubles. Disorders related to stomach, digestion, and blood may arise such as stomach infection, stomach pain and fever, blood pressure, boils etc. can occur. Do yoga and exercise, and drink plenty of water. Remain aware of the health of your mother.
There is a possibility of some chronic disease emerging, so take special care. Improvement will be seen in the health of your father in case his health graph was dangerously going down.
Love/Marriage/Personal Relations
The beginning of the month is going to be very good for love relationships. Love will intensify in relationships. The aspect of Devguru Jupiter on the fifth house will add sweetness to your relationship. If there are any old differences, it will get resolved. The spouse will feel a sense of dedication and honesty towards each other. The mind will remain happy.
You may plan to go somewhere with your spouse or loved ones. Of course, Jupiter will provide you with a lot of opportunities for sweetness in your love and marriage, but the position of Mercury in the sixth house will also create some communication gap. Do not pay attention to what others have said.
Maintain a steady flow of communication with your spouse. It will be beneficial for you if you try to solve the things through mutual discussions to avoid any kind of bitterness seeping in. Do not let any third person interfere between your matters, even if it is a family member or close friend. You have to be especially vigilant about this between November 2 to November 21. If you can do this, then your problems will be resolved. It would be best to avoid unnecessary debate.
Ketu has an aspect on the seventh house of life partner. Because of this, married people may face some difficulty in understanding their spouse’s mind, and it can cause a sense of estrangement to develop between them. So try to understand each other and talk. On November 16, the transit of the Sun will also be in the seventh house.
This may add to the feeling of excitement or ego in the nature of your life-partner. Therefore, try not to stretch the argument and avoid debating on study topics. On November 21, Mercury will transit in the seventh house. With this, you will have to depend on your intellectual skills and communication to carry out the tasks.
Family & Friends
In terms of family life, this month may not be very pleasant for you. You may remain under stress due to some family feud. There can be a situation of conflicts in the family about any old issue. In such a manner, you need to take care of issues sensitively and resolve every doubt with patience.
Use your words thoughtfully, otherwise you can trigger the situation negatively. You can be held liable for any dispute. An old dispute with people associated with the property may re-emerge. Handle with efficiency, otherwise court cases can arise. You will get the support of your brothers and sisters.
Offer Shringar items to a female priest on Friday.
To attain the favour of the planet Venus, chant its Beej Mantra- “ॐ द्रां द्रीं द्रौं सः शुक्राय नमः / oṃ drāṃ drīṃ drauṃ saḥ śukrāya namaḥ”.
Donate blood voluntarily on Tuesday.
Respect women.
Worship Shri Radha Krishna ji.

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