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Taurus Monthly Horoscope (August 2021)

For native belonging to the zodiac sign Taurus the month of August will prove to be ordinary. You may spend your days smoothly but may also encounter problems with regards to certain aspects of your life. If we talk about your professional life, then it is expected to remain in your favour. With your efficiency, you will be able to rule over your workspace. However, business professionals are advised to remain a bit cautious as they can be backstabbed by their peers.
From the point of view of education, the month is expected to remain quite favourable.Those who are expecting to pursue their higher studies will receive positive results. Those who wish to complete their further studies in a foreign based college or university may have to wait for a little while to see the face of success. Domestic life will be prosperous.
However, you may remain worried about your mother’s health. Taurus natives who are in love will spend the days of the month happily. On the contrary, married natives may have to face some challenges. Misunderstanding may remain a part of your relationship. From an economic point of view this month will remain quite favourable for you.
Despite the ups and downs, you will be able to make it big with the help of your business. Stay careful while you are making any kind of transaction. Health may remain in low spirits which is why you are advised to remain cautious.
From the point of view of your career, this month will remain quite favourable and full of self confidence. The doors to success are unlocked from many sides. Your tenth house is under the occupancy of Jupiter which will help you to climb the ladder of success, acquire respect and reputation within your workplace and many other positive results.
Venus and Mars present in your 4th house, aspecting the 10th House because of which you will be able to make the right use of your intellect and wisdom. Along with success in your tasks, you will also be blessed with prosperity. If you happen to be a job holder, then your influence will prevail over your workspace.
A promotion is also on the cards which will bless you with more respect and prestige. Since the third house is under the occupancy of the Sun and Mercury, a Budha Aditya yoga is getting formed here. Consequently, you will acquire the support and cooperation of your colleagues and subordinates. Business professionals will benefit with the efforts made by their employees. But they are also advised to remain cautious at the same time.
The seventh house is under the occupancy of Ketu and it is being aspected by Mars at the same time because of which you may face betrayal with regards to your business. Despite the ups and downs, your business will do well during this month.
From the point of view of economic life, the month will turn out to be quite fulfilling. The red planet Mars will be aspecting your 11th house, because of which you will be graced with success in all of your endeavours. Consequently, you may also be able to stumble upon certain new sources of earning money.
On the 11th of August, the planet Venus and on the 26 of August the planet Mercury will enter your 5th house, which will further increase your sources of earning money. Along with being hard working and diligent, you’ll also become equally efficient at your job. You will be praised within your space. There are also chances of you acquiring some profit with the help of your life partner.
Ups and downs will prevail over your business life but you will continue earning some great amount of profit. You will try to focus on your work but it is advised to remain careful when it comes to monetary transactions.
From the health point of view, the month’s time may remain somewhat weak. You will need to adopt a serious attitude with regards to your health. The position of Venus and Mars in the fourth house and the presence of Ketu in the seventh house may cause some health concerns.
Chest tightness or excessive bile(Pitt) in the body may cause some problems. This is likely to increase with the arrival of the Sun in the fourth house on August 17, so cautiousness on your part will be a necessity.
Love/Marriage/Personal Relations
With regards to love relations, the month of August will turn out to be quite favourable for natives belonging to the zodiac sign Taurus. Happiness will remain a part of your romantic affair and you will get to spend some quality time with your beloved. You may also remain quite sensitive and cautious about your relationship at the same time. The communication will be great between the two of you and so will be the trust factor.
There will be some kind of intimacy left in your relationship. On the 26th of August, communication between the two of you will further improve. You will remain dedicated and devoted towards one another which will bring nothing but positivity to your relationship. Meanwhile, married natives may have to come across some severe ups and downs.
The presence of Ketu in the 7th house and the same house facing the aspection of Mars may add some troubles to your paradise. The compatibility between the two of you may also decrease. It is advised to remain calm and patient all throughout this while. Instead of prevailing over one another while arguing both of you can sit down together and try to put an end to the existing misunderstandings and differences. You may also remain concerned about your life partner’s health.
Family & Friends
With regards to your domestic life and happiness, this month is expected to remain quite positive. Your entire household will be filled with happiness and prosperity. The fourth house of your sign will be under the Occupancy of Venus and Mars. An auspicious occasion might be hosted by your family members. This will provide you with the opportunity to meet your near and dear ones.
Despite the happy and vibrant surroundings, your household clashes may take place between family members. Hence, try to get rid of the misunderstandings and differences as soon as possible. Relations between siblings will improve. There are also chances of you availing profit because of your family members. However you may remain a bit concerned about your mother’s health, which is why it would be a necessity to take good care of her.
You should feed dough balls to the cow with your own hands on Friday.
Take the root of Shwetark and tie it around your right arm with a green thread on Wednesday.
Distribute white-colored sweets among little girls.
Chant the mantras of Goddess Durga.

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