Oct 23 - Nov 21

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope (June 2021)

On the 2nd, Mars moves into Cancer, which fortifies romantic relationships further, although some health
ailments may occur. Pay particular attention to the energy of your stomach. This is where we hold a lot of
upset. On the 3rd, Mercury moves into Taurus, which can cause some health issues to arise for your
spouse, which may cause you some concern. This month the sun moves into Gemini, reinforcing your hard
work’s spoils, although there may be a delay in you receiving the benefits. All in good time. With the
beautifying impact of Venus in Cancer on the 22nd, you’ll enjoy a truly blissful love life. You crave depth,
intensity, and passion, and Cancer can bring this alongside a wholesome dash of compassion and
tenderness, all things that appeal to your watery nature. It may even be a period for marriage if you feel
your relationship has passed sufficient tests. You may lack stability and focus and need to take some time
to figure out what your thoughts and emotions are trying to tell you. It could be something as simple as
needing more rest or eating better, or it may be a deeper calling that you are not attuned to. Fortunately,
you tend to be fairly robust and patient, at least externally, so you can ‘hurry up and wait’ for fate or time to
spoil you. It’s important not to become too passive due to Scorpio’s tendency to lock itself away in the dark
and hide until circumstances are more fortuitous. In doing so, you may render yourself a sleeping dragon
locked away in a cave of gold. The beauty is out there; the experience is out there; the memories to be
made are out there. Learning to unblock yourself is very important. Although you are happy alone, you
harbor deep dark desires, often of companionship. It is also important that this is nurtured, explored,
accepted as part of nature and not as a weakness or fatal flaw. Blend and balance the dark with the light,
and you will find greater prosperity within.

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Har Har Mahadev

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