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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope (August 2021)

For natives belonging to the zodiac sign Sagittarius, the month of August is expected to remain average. The planetary positions may make you face problems in between but you may also so come into terms with your fair share of positive time.
From the point of view of your professional life, the month will turn out to be quite eventful. During the first half of the month, you will find it difficult to get tasks done on account of your poor luck. However, things will run smoothly during the second half of the month. You will be seen climbing the ladder of success. From the point of view of education too, this month will turn out to be a mixture of amalgamated results.
General students will come across an unfavourable time but the ones who are preparing for competitive exams will see the face of success definitely. Domestic life will not be satisfactory as your mother’s health may remain in low spirits. But yes, you may get to hear some good news from your younger siblings.
The first half of the month will turn out to be quite blissful for couples who are in love. Conjugal life may remain a bit stressful but the second half of the month will bring some positive results for you. There are also chances of the economic losses during the first half of the month. Health may also remain in low spirits during this time but the second half will provide you with relaxation from all kinds of diseases and physical difficulties.
From the point of view of your professional life, the month of August has some ups and downs in store for you. During the initial days of the month, time will not be in your favour but the second half will bring positive changes for you. This will be primarily due to the presence of Mercury in the eighth house which is also being assisted by the royal planet Sun.
The conjunction of both of these planets is weakening your luck factor and creating hurdles in your professional life. No matter how hard you try, you will be unable to master phrases for your hard work. Because of this, you may remain distressed. However, the second half of the month will bring some positive changes for your professional life. On the 9th of August, the planet Mercury will move into your 9th house, which is also the house of your luck.
Next on the 17th of August, the royal planet Sun will also move into the same house. Both of these planets will continue to bring tremendous results for your professional life. Your luck factor will grow stronger. You will attain the benefaction of your senior officials.
If we talk about the faith of business professionals, then they will also come across a favourable time during the second half of the month. Some work related trips may also be taken by business professionals belonging to this sign which will definitely bring in some profits for you.
The month of August will offer mixed results for natives belonging to the zodiac sign Sagittarius. There may be some problems in the first half of the month, but the latter part will bring good news. In the first half of the month, Sun and Mercury are present in your eighth house and Shani Dev is aspecting it.
There are signs of loss of money due to this conjunction of planets. Money can get spent in some useless tasks. There may be a loss in an investment, so spend your money thoughtfully. Money loaned out to someone may never flow back into your hands. But there is no need to get disheartened as Suryadev’s transit will take place on August 17 and move from the eighth house to the ninth house, which is the house of luck and fortunes. This will create beneficial financial conditions.
Mercury is also going to change zodiac signs. It will move out of the Leo zodiac sign on August 9, this will change the economic situation, then on August 26, it will reach the Virgo zodiac, which will create profitable prospects. This is the time when you will be graced with a grand amount of profits in the realm of business. The position of employed people will also be better due to the respective transits of Sun and Mercury.
This month will also be mixed from the health point of view. There may be some health problems in the first half of the month. There may be chest tightness, which can cause discomfort. Problems of phlegm etc. may bother you. There may be some difficulty in breathing due to phlegm. Do not ignore these problems.
Do not hesitate to seek medical help if needed. Your health will improve in the second half of the month. You have to concentrate on your food habits. Nutrition has to be preferred over taste in food. The routine has to be healthy. You have to be physically and mentally active as you will get great benefit from yoga-exercise, meditation.
Love/Marriage/Personal Relations
For Sagittarius natives who are in love, the month is expected to remain quite favourable specially the first half of the month. The love and affection between the two of you will increase. You may go out on a movie or to candle light dinner. This will bring an increment of love and romance to your life.
During this while, you may also hear the wedding Bells ringing very soon. If we talk about the married natives belonging to the sign, then they will also remain at the receiving end of happiness. But a look at the planetary transit suggests the month may begin on a weak note. A trivial thing may also cause fights between the two of you. So, remain careful of all the problems and stay patient to avoid the problems.
Family & Friends
For natives belonging to the zodiac sign Sagittarius, the month of August will not turn out to be satisfactory. The planetary positions will not remain in your favour. The 4th house is the house of happiness, but it is being aspected by Mars.
Your mother may face health related problems during this time. If there has been any ongoing health problem, then it may escalate during this time. Consequently, mental tensions will increase. But you need not worry much as taking appropriate care of your mother will bring good results with regards to her health.
But the overall environment of the family will also remain polluted and there are chances of clashes taking place between family members. You should learn how to remain patient during this while. This should be the perfect time for your younger sibling as they will get rid of their stress and tensions.
It would be beneficial to offer water to a Peepal or a banana tree during Thursdays.
Mix Raw Turmeric in water and give it away on Thursday.
Wear top quality Pukhraj gemstone.
Chant the mantra: ॐ गुरूवे नमः / oṃ gurūve namaḥ

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