Nov 22 - Dec 21

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope (November 2021)

Excluding some factors, this month of November will remain blissful for Sagittarius natives. In terms of career, this month will turn out to be good. You will incur favourable results in your career. But, some obstacles can arise in your academic life. Stay cautious regarding your company of friends. Family life will remain blissful. You may come across some good news within the family.
This month will not turn out to be that favourable for natives in love. Things can become stressful in love life. However, married natives will enjoy a good time throughout this month. They will be able to come closer and enjoy a good bond. New sources of income will arise during this month and your financial conditions will remain good. Health will also remain good.
The month of November is going to be encouraging for you in terms of work and career. In terms of work, situations will remain favourable. You will gain the support of people around you and succeed in your endeavours which will make you happy from within.
You will remain excited about your work and put in efforts to accomplish the task. Mercury will transit in Libra on 2nd November. Libra is the tenth house of your Kundli which is ruled by the planet Mercury. Also, it is the exalted sign for Mercury. Hence, situations will remain in your favour in your professional life. Employed natives will incur the appreciation from their senior officials due to their excellent performance at work.
You may be bestowed with new responsibilities, your honour will increase and you may get a promotion. The time is favourable for business. The planet Mercury is the Lord of the seventh house and the benefactor of business and trade. Hence, you will gain favourable results in business from all sides under the influence of Mercury. Therefore, this month turns out to be extremely favourable for you in terms of career and business.
From an economic point of view, this month is going to be good. there will be constant in close cash and you will come across new sources of income. Those in business will come across new opportunities to gain profits and benefits.
Self-employed or employed natives can also come across opportunities for creating a brighter career. They may indulge in some part-time job or get a better job proposal. In case the proposal for a hike in your salary was under consideration for a long time, discussions can take place regarding this matter. Bonus extra can be offered to you as a token of appreciation.
Overall, the first half of the month will prove to be pleasing for your pocket and your bank balance. You will be able to accumulate wealth and at your bank balance. in case you are planning to expand your business by taking a loan, you can go ahead with the strategy in the month of November.
The time is favourable for carrying out transactions. After November 16, there may be slight ups-downs. The Sun will transit the twelfth house of expenses on 16 November. Therefore, your expenses related to work may increase, but keep a tab on your income since any decline can invite financial crises.
Also, there is a possibility of you establishing contacts with people working in the government sector after the placement of Sun in the twelfth house. It can benefit you in your business and help you expand your plans in the future. Overall, the month of November is going to be pleasant for you in terms of finances.
Your health will remain good throughout this month. You will remain active. Since the month of November will turn out to be busy for you in terms of work, you may have to compromise on your sleep or eating habits. Also, you may have to travel a lot. Hence, you may face issues regarding your sleep or diet.
Don’t worry much, since it is normal. You may experience a mild headache due to less sleep. If you are already dealing with insomnia, take your medicines on time. You may remain mentally stressed, but in today’s time, it has become a normal thing to deal with on a regular basis. Yes, you may experience some problems in your eyes. Seek consultation from a good doctor and get your eyes checked. Members of the family will enjoy good health.
Love/Marriage/Personal Relations
In terms of love, the month of November does not prove to be much favourable. Your love relationship can undergo several examinations in life. You may encounter stressful situations, and if things go wrong, there are chances of separation as well. Both the Sun and Mars are expecting your fifth house which can cause conflicts in the relationship.
Things can become stressful in the relationship. Further arguments can lead to a possible breakup. Therefore, trust your partner and maintain a smooth flow of conversation with him/her. Resolve all your matters by sitting together and talking your heart out. In the second half of the month, stress levels may decline due to the transit of the Sun in Scorpio. But still, you should remain alert throughout this month.
For married natives, the month of November is expected to bring in favourable results. Marital life will be full of love and excitement. Your relationship with your life partner will strengthen. You may also plan to go on a trip with your beloved during this month. You may get some exciting news from your in-laws’ side. Also, there are chances of you getting major profits through your life partner.
Family & Friends
The month of November will turn out to be auspicious for you in terms of family life. Happiness will prevail within the family. You will spend a pleasant time with your family members and may meet your friends and relatives during this month. Also, you may get any good news from one of the members of the family.
A sense of unity will prevail between members within the family. Due to the presence of Jupiter and Saturn in the second house, harmony will remain. With Jupiter in Aquarius on 20 November, your relationship with your siblings will improve and strengthen as well. With your siblings supporting you in your work, you may achieve your goals. You will achieve success in property-related matters.
Chant the Beej Mantra of Mars: “ॐ क्रां क्रीं क्रौं सः भौमाय नमः। / oṃ krāṃ krīṃ krauṃ saḥ bhaumāya namaḥ।”.
You should visit a temple on Tuesday and hoist a red flag on it.
Do not take anything for free from anyone, as it can harm you.
Keeping a fast on Thursday will be beneficial for you.
You should offer arghya to the Lord Sun from a copper vessel.

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