Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope (September, 2022) General Sagittarius natives are known for their devotion, wisdom, .

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope (September, 2022)

Sagittarius natives are known for their devotion, wisdom, and prudence. In this regard, September 2022 will be a thoughtful month for you. The presence of the lord of your tenth house, Mercury, in its own sign Virgo, and the tenth house of your workplace, will bring immense success for the working employees. The Sagittarius businessmen, too, will expand their business and succeed in their careers. But don’t let your success get the best of you, or else you will miss out on a great opportunity and tarnish your reputation.
Sagittarius students will have to face some troubles in studies this month. The presence of Rahu in your fifth house will make the students work very hard for attaining desired results. They will face difficulties in memorising their lessons and completing their assignments on time. It will be better if you try to stay focused only on your education at this time. Saturn will be present in its own sign, Capricorn, and activate your second house, which will give you problems in your family life. The unrest in the family environment will bother you and make you want to spend your time outside the house.
The presence of Rahu and Ketu will bring challenges in the love life of the Sagittarius natives. They will fail to tackle these issues. There will be misunderstandings in your relationship which will result in the lack of love and romance in your love life. But the lord of the seventh house, Mercury, will be present in its own sign, Virgo will bring peace in the life of the married natives. They will spend quality time together with their spouse. Despite this, the conjunction of the Sun with Venus in your ninth house in the first half of the month advises you to control your anger in your relationship.
The presence of Saturn in your second house will make your financial life profitable. You will attain an income from various sources and get immense monetary gains. Some natives might earn money from vehicles, buildings, or land with the help of family members. In the health domain too, you will not suffer from major health issues during this period. The presence of Mars in your sixth house will help you get rid of your former illness. Enjoy your rigorous health and participate in physical activities for a more favourable health life.
September will be a favourable month for the Sagittarius natives in terms of career. The lord of your tenth house, Mercury, will be present in its own Virgo sign and your tenth house of career. Due to this, the natives will benefit the most in the business. This time will give you a good outcome despite fewer efforts, and your career will progress rapidly.
However, success can give rise to arrogance in your nature. So, avoid being arrogant during this time or else you might end up in a conflict with your co-workers, which will tarnish your reputation. This month, the aspect of Jupiter on your tenth house will give good career opportunities to the working employees. This period will provide benefits to the natives associated with the business of property. But don’t trust anyone blindly, and don’t share your strategies with anyone.
This month will be better than usual for the Sagittarius natives. The presence of Saturn in your second house will help you get rid of your financial problems. This period will bring immense monetary gains for you. You might even benefit from a vehicle, building, or land during this time. Some natives can attain unexpected money from their families. Especially the working employees might bag an increment in their income through hard work, which will help them increase their bank balance. Make the best out of this auspicious period and put your money to good use to secure your future. For this, you can take the help of your elders or experts.

This month will be positive for the Sagittarius natives in the health domain. During this time, Mars will transit in Taurus and will be present in your sixth house, which will give you health benefits. Natives suffering from a prolonged disease will get rid of it forever during this time.
The older natives of this sign will also notice their health improving this month. Despite this, you are advised to include leafy vegetables and liquid food items in your diet to maintain good health.
Love/Marriage/Personal Relations
September 2022 will be challenging for Sagittarius lovers. The presence of Rahu in your fifth house can bring troubles in your love life, and you might get into a conflict with your partner. You both will doubt each other, which will weaken the foundation of your relationship. If you want to save your relationship then it will be better to talk to your lover to overcome misunderstandings and try to understand their point of view as well.
As for the married natives, the lord of your seventh house, Mercury, will be in its own sign, Virgo, and will be seated in your central house. This will bring positivity to your marital life, and you will spend quality time with your life partner. But when Sun will be situated with Venus in your ninth house in the first half of the month, you will become more aggressive which might create problems between you and your spouse. But when in the latter half of the month, Sun will transit in your tenth house and conjoin with Mercury, Budhaditya Yoga will be formed. Due to this, you will receive immense love and support from your life partner. So, be patient in unfavourable situations and wait for a better time.
Family & Friends
The family life of the Sagittarius natives will bring mixed results. Saturn will be in its own sign, Capricorn while sitting in your second house and disrupt the family atmosphere. Due to this, you would want to spend more time outside the house rather than with your family members. But this placement of Saturn will bring you in a position where you’ll prefer equality and justice.
In the latter half of the month, the nature of the family members will become more aggressive. Due to this, they will be seen arguing and fighting with each other on minor matters. Their negative behaviour towards each other can become problematic for you. If some conflict was already going on in the family then it might increase further at this time. Therefore, try to control your anger and avoid forcing your decisions on your family members.
Worship Lord Shiva regularly and perform the Jalabhishek of the Shivling in the morning with milk mixed with water.
Donate Yellow items and worship the banana tree on Thursday.
Feed a full meal to a poor Brahmin, mainly on Thursday.


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