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Pisces Monthly Horoscope (November 2021)

In terms of your career, this month will turn out to be fine for the natives of Pisces zodiac sign. There may be trips regarding work, which will prove to be fruitful. This month will also be better for your education. You can go ahead with pursuing a new course, which can benefit you later.
You may face some challenges in pursuing higher education. Stress moments can occur in family life as well. Do not speak rudely, since it can worsen the situation. Conditions will improve in the latter part of the month. Take care of your father. Couples in love will get a chance to spend a good time together. Try to resolve any kind of misunderstanding with proper communication. Marital life will be fine. It would be okay to ignore some things.
The month of November will bring in financial progress for you. New sources of income will appear, and new business relationships are also likely to be formed. There will be a profit in business. Expenses may also increase. Health will be good, however, there may be some health problems in the latter part of the month. Eat a balanced diet and work out regularly.
For the Pisces natives, the month of November will remain good in terms of career and work. Things will remain enthusiastic in your job or business. New contacts will be formed, which can prove to be beneficial in the longer run. Time is also good for those doing business.
For employed people, situations will remain normal in their workspace. Your focus will remain on the work, which will make your seniors happy. You will not be willing to take any risk, and there are no signs of any interference. After 20 November, Jupiter will enter Aquarius by changing its zodiac sign. This can lead to a long, work-related journey. You may have to travel for official purposes.
For people doing business, there is a possibility of them traveling due to work, national or overseas. However, this journey will incur beneficial results. Overall, a good month career-wise.
If we talk about your financial conditions, then the month of November turns out to be full of progress and profits for you. New opportunities for income may emerge, and new sources may come in light. New business relationships can be formed, which will benefit you in the longer run. In case you were looking forward to investment etc., then this month seems favourable for you to go ahead with the idea.
There will be a lot of profit in business. Sources of income will also remain open to those employed or self-employed. There are also chances of earning money from secret sources. Whether businessmen or employed, take decisions with caution in regards to these secret sources and use your discretion while going ahead. As of 20 November, the flow of income remains very good. However, after that, sudden expenses may also come up. You may either start spending unnecessarily or on the health of any family member.
From a health point of view, this month will be good and balanced. With Jupiter in the eleventh house, there is no possibility of any health-related obstacles till 20 November. You will remain mentally happy. There are no signs of any problem except for some very common seasonal issues like cold and cough.
Jupiter is changing its sign on 20 November and entering your twelfth house. This may pose some health-related challenges. There may be stomach infections or cholesterol-related problems. Apart from this, the position of Mars and Sun will also be in your eighth house. With this, you will need to be very careful regarding biliary diseases. Stomach pain, gas, acidity can impact your daily life.
Take care of your eating and drinking habits. Keep exercising and doing Yoga. If you continue taking light and digestible food, then there will be nothing to worry about.
Love/Marriage/Personal Relations
Time is good for love life. Relations with your beloved will intensify. You will get multiple chances to hang out and spend a good time together. A mutual feeling of love will remain between you two. Your pair will look like the perfect couple. Therefore, you will need to make further efforts to maintain this image because, after November 20, some planetary transits can bring about a change in the conditions.
Therefore, it is important to stay prepared and not let things affect your love. Maintain a steady flow of communication. Due to Saturn being in the fifth house in the second half of the month, there can be some obstacles in the relationship. You may start feeling suspicious unnecessarily. Therefore, it is better to clear all misunderstandings by talking to each other. Respect each other.
Time is also good for married people. Interaction with your spouse will become better, and things will warm up in your marital relationship. You will get the opportunity to spend a good time with your spouse. Somewhere, you may plan to travel together. You may gain some benefit because of your life partner, which will make you happy.
A dispute with the in-laws is likely between November 2 and November 21, which can spoil all your fun. So it is better to ignore things. Enjoy a pleasant relationship with your spouse. A little effort will not only increase your respect but will also bring joy in the relationship. After November 21, things will automatically start improving.
Family & Friends
For the natives of Pisces zodiac sign, this month cannot be said to be very encouraging in regards with family matters. Mercury being in the eighth house between November 2 and November 21 can create some stressful situations in the family. Small matters can suddenly turn into a big debate.
Mercury transit delivers such results. And mostly such a situation arises due to stiffness in the voice or troubles in the trade. Avoid using unpleasant words when talking to someone. If you remain careful in choosing the words, then such a disputable situation can be easily avoided.
On November 21, Mercury will change its sign and enter the ninth house. Under its influence, you will regret acting rudely with people. Conditions will begin to improve. It is a matter of great compassion to be humble and apologize for any of your mistakes. Do not hesitate and ask for forgiveness, forgive it.
The harmony in the family will prevail. Any property related problems may arise. If the family members unite and evaluate the issue, it will get resolved easily. Father’s health will remain weak. There may be some mental problems due to his health constraints. Take proper care of the father.
Recite Shri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram regularly.
You should offer wheat on Shivling on Sunday.
You should recite Bajrang Baan every day and go to Hanuman temple and offer jasmine oil to Shree Hanuman ji.
It will be best for you to chant the Beej Mantra of Lord Jupiter- ॐ ग्रां ग्रीं ग्रौं सः गुरूवे नमः / oṃ grāṃ grīṃ grauṃ saḥ gurūve namaḥ
Cleaning a temple will be beneficial.

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