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Pisces Monthly Horoscope (August 2021)

The month of August will remain ordinary for you. You will keep moving forward in life amidst the ups and downs of life. From the point of view of academics, you will do great. Success will be guaranteed in competitive exams. For domestic life, the first half will be satisfactory, but the second half can invite clashes and troubles.
Love life will remain challenging. Married natives will share the same fate too. You are requested to remain specifically careful with regards to your health. Skin and blood disorders may trouble you and so will your allergies. Economic life will remain stable.
For your professional life, this month will give mixed results. It can be said that it will be better than average. There may be a foreign as well as a domestic trip in connection with work. Mars is situated in your sixth house. This transit of Mars can be claimed to be very good for your professional life.
The time is good for people belonging to the Pisces zodiac sign. Reputation at the workplace will increase. You can get some important responsibility, which by successfully fulfilling you can become the favorite of your senior officials. Those who are looking for a job can one. The Sun, the king of the planets, will transit in the sixth house on August 17.
As a result of this movement, the government sector can offer you benefits. If you supply goods, provide services or contract for government work in a government department, you are likely to benefit. There will be full support of the power and administration. If you are enrolled in a government job, then you are likely to get great benefits.
From a business perspective, the beginning of the month will be good. Trade ventures will run smoothly and there will be benefits flowing into your hands. Due to the transit of Mercury in the sixth house on August 9, there will be a situation of fluctuation at work. But, when Mercury enters the seventh house on August 26, the things will fall into place.
For the natives of Pisces, this month will be very spectacular from the economic point of view. Shani Dev is seated in the eleventh house, which is considered to be the house of income and profit. This transit of Saturn will prove to be a continuous income generator for you.
Also, Sun and Mercury, are located in the fifth house and are aspecting the eleventh house. This conjunction is also going to increase income. Mars, the commander of the planets in the sixth house, creating the best prospects for earning profits. Thus, every planet is helping to strengthen your financial position. Income from regular sources of income is more likely than before. With this, new sources of income may also arise. Employed people can grow further, their salaries and allowances may increase.
August will not be good for the natives of Pisces in terms of health. Jupiter is located in the twelfth house, which is the house of expenditure and loss. There is a possibility of an increase in diseases due to transit of Devguru Jupiter in this house.
Apart from this, Venus is seated with Mars in the sixth house, considered to be an inducer of enemy, debt and disease. Due to this conjunction, you can suffer from blood and skin diseases. Allergies can also bother you. Try to avoid any kind of allergy, otherwise troubles may increase. Seek medical guidance immediately.
Love/Marriage/Personal Relations
In terms of love affairs, the month of August will be very volatile for the natives of Pisces. The beginning of the month will be very good for lovers. The attraction towards each other will increase. There will be full opportunities provided to spend time together, so that the mind will remain cheerful. If you are not loyal to your partner, then things can go awry.
Loyalty is very important in a relationship, otherwise the relationship will not last long. The first half of the month will be very good for lovers, but there may be some problems in the latter half. There can be heated debate and distance in relationships. If there is a misunderstanding, do not draw all conclusions by yourself. Talk directly to your partner and sort things out.
This month will also offer mixed results for the married natives of Pisces. The beginning of the month will be good. There will be good coordination between husband and wife and conjugal life will be happy. Your spouse is likely to get the best of benefits.
But in the middle of the month, there may be some disturbance in the happiness of married life, when the transit of Mercury will be in the sixth house. Due to this position of Mercury, there can be a dispute between husband and wife.But after 26 August, the situation will change again and life will be blissful once again.
Family & Friends
There will be ups and downs in your family life this month. At the beginning of the month you will remain at the receiving end of complete familial happiness. The lord of the fourth house is in the fifth house, which is quite good. As a result of this planetary condition, there will be happiness and peace in your family.
The family atmosphere will be cordial. Jupiter is aspecting the fourth house, due to which there will be balance in the household. Coordination between family members will be fine, everyone will cooperate with each other. But the transit of the lord Mars in the 6th house in your Kundli will bring a change in conditions. There can be a dispute amongst family members regarding the property.
Mercury will also enter the sixth house on August 9, where Mars is already seated there. This conjunction of Mars and Mercury may increase the dispute further. Debates can increase considerably, due to which the family environment is likely to be tensed. Mercury will change its zodiac sign on August 26, after which the situation is likely to improve partially.
Your relationships with siblings will be negatively affected. Be patient during this while. Try to reduce bitterness from your end. Brothers and sisters may also suffer from health related problems.
Recite the Hanuman Chalisa regularly and light a Jasmine oil lamp in front of the idol of Lord Hanuman.
Apply turmeric tilak on the forehead.
Offer yellow clothes to Lord Vishnu.
Drink turmeric milk.

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