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Libra Monthly Horoscope (April 2022)

This month, you will be successful in several walks of your life. The full aspect of Mars and Saturn on your tenth house will make progress at your workplace. You will also try to explore new dimensions to your business. If you are a student, you will acquire more knowledge and will benefit from Jupiter being in the fifth house with Venus and Mars. Owing to this very reason, your love life is going to be pleasant and some natives may even tie the knot.
During this time, you will be financially strong and the transit of Saturn in the fifth house and Sun in the seventh house will prove to be beneficial for you. The period is going to be favourable for those associated with government jobs and they are likely to get promotions. So far health is concerned, the month is going to have positive signs and the Sun being in the sixth house will keep improving your health. You may get rid of venereal diseases.
Read this horoscope to have detailed information about this month in the context of family, career, health, love life, etc.
For the natives of Libra zodiac sign, the month is going to be enthusiastic from a career point of view. During the first half of the month, the full aspect of Mars and Saturn will remain on your tenth house and this will help you achieve progress at your workplace. You may come across new responsibilities and there are chances of promotions. Your seniors will be satisfied by your work and you may be benefitted at the soonest possible time. During this time, you may also get to switch over to a new job. If you are looking for a desired job, you will meet success and if there are problems occurring at the workplace, the same would be solved. You are advised to avoid laziness and try to complete your work on time so that your seniors may have faith in you. The month is going to be profitable for those engaged in business.
In the latter half of the month, the transit of Saturn in your fifth house and Sun in seventh house will favour you. Although you will have to put in hard labour, it will pay you off. During this period, you may also plan to start a new business. You may plan to expand your business in different fields also. You will have to labour hard in connection with business and also, put in extra efforts for investments. However, your hard work will give you positive results and you will find yourself on the path of success at the earliest but you are advised to move ahead cautiously, trust your abilities and be courageous. Taking advice from an experienced person can prove to be favourable in the context of business.
The month is going to be profitable as far as business is concerned. Mars, the ruling of the second house, will be in the fifth house. The complete aspect of Jupiter and Venus will be on the eleventh house and this will lead to profits in business. Those associated with jobs will progress and there are chances of increments. Due to the increase in income, you will be able to save your money as you will avoid making unnecessary expenses during this period. You will make a budget and spend your money accordingly and thus, savings will take place. In the second half of the month, the transit of Saturn in the fifth house and Sun in its exalted state, the seventh house, will turn out to be fruitful for you. Especially, those associated with government jobs will get good promotions and therefore, their financial position will become strong.
Those associated with business will see new sources of income and they will be benefited from their past investments in the business. There are chances of profits from business expansion too. If you are associated with a foreign business, you will earn huge profits. You are suggested to take every decision cautiously and it is important to be patient in the context of investment. Especially, think before investing in the stock market as making decisions in haste can put you on the back foot. During this period, you will benefit from your past savings.
The month of April is going to give mixed results from a health point of view. During the first half of the month, the Sun will be in the sixth house and as a result, there will be improvement in your health. All the ailments will seem to be vanishing, especially venereal diseases. Sun being in the sixth house will bring improvement in your father’s health also. Over and above, the health of other family members will be good. You may be under stress due to overwork and this will have a great impact on your daily life and you may feel weak. The natives of Libra zodiac sign should beware of tension and depression. Morning walks or regular exercise can benefit you. Besides this, performing Yoga will lead to mental peace. During the second half of the month, you will have special benefits due to the transit of Jupiter in its own sixth house. However, some natives can suffer from skin diseases. Like this, the health of elders may be affected due to the full aspect of Jupiter on the second house. Some natives can face unexpected health problems. You are advised to take care of your eating habits and try to avoid long trips.
Love/Marriage/Personal Relations
The natives of Libra zodiac sign will experience pleasant relations so far love life is concerned. Especially, after the first week, the time will be extremely favourable. There will be a conjunction of Mars, Venus, and Jupiter in the fifth house. As a result, love life will move forward and the affection will be at its peak and the relationship will result in strategic confidence. If any blame game existed, it would also vanish. Those who are looking for a partner may meet success. If you have love for someone, you have prime time to propose. In the second half of the month, Saturn, the ruling lord of the fifth house, will occupy its own house and thus, the love relationship will strengthen all the more. Mutual trust will afford you the opportunity to tie a knot.
The relationship of married natives will take a new shape and you will become more affectionate to each other. All sorts of previous bickerings will also vanish. The transit of Mars, the ruling lord of the seventh house, in the fifth house will be auspicious for married people. You will spend quality time with your spouse and may plan to go on a trip. You will also experience the real happiness of your married life by going away from the hustle and bustle of the family.
Family & Friends
The family life of the natives of Libra zodiac sign will be harmonious. The transit of Mars, the ruling lord of the second house, to the fifth house will prove to be beneficial for you. The mutual understanding among the family members will improve and there will be an atmosphere of love and affection. The prevailing bickerinings will no longer disturb the family. During this period, the elders of the family will try to restore friendly relations among family members. You will also have your say in the important decisions of your family. It is important for you to speak to all the family members and try to sort out differences and misunderstandings. If your family members are imagining that they are neglected, they may lead to a serious problem.
In the latter half of the month, the full aspect of Mercury will be on the second house which in turn will make your family atmosphere harmonious. Your efforts to unite family will be in the right direction. You will try to create better understanding among family members through your dialogue and wisdom. The emotional aspect of the ‘transit of Saturn in the fifth house’ on the second house will be beneficial for you. There is a possibility that the prevailing conflicts may come to an end. If you are facing a court case then there is a possibility that you may get rid of it. If there are any disputes related to land or building, would be redressed. Keep in mind that your actions should not bother the elders of the family. If you respect and love your siblings, you will get the same in return. You will get complete support from your siblings in family business.
Donate white clothes.
Take a bath by mixing raw milk in water.
Worship your Ishta Devi.
Visit Shani temple on Saturdays and offer food to the needy.

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