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Leo Monthly Horoscope (August 2021)

For natives belonging to the zodiac sign Leo, the month of August will prove to be better than average. With regards to your professional life, the month will turn out to be quite exciting.
You will be free in taking a great amount of interest in your work which will make your professional life quite satisfactory. Job holders will come across an extremely favourable time. Meanwhile, natives who are looking for a job currently also get some good news. Students will receive positive outcomes. Love life will turn out to be satisfactory and there are chances of many couples tying the Knot during this time.
Unmarried natives belonging to the sign may also meet their soulmates and future life partners. Conjugal life will remain moderately blessful. You may plan a trip with your family members. New sources of earning money will be made available to you. However, you are advised to keep a tab on your spendthrift nature.
It is advised to remain specifically careful during the first half of the month. With regards to health, you may come across some ups and down. The best alternative you can adhere to right now is to take special care of your health during the first half of the month.
With regards to your career, the month of August is expected to remain quite favourable. The presence of Rahu in your tenth house will keep you interested and inquisitive about your job profile. You will be seen working quite hard and implementing new ideas so as to make your professional life more successful. But, you should keep in mind that adhering to shortcuts would not be a wise thing to do currently.
Venus is present in it’s own zodiac sign, because of which you will become proficient at your work. She will remain excited to accomplish each and every thing dedicatedly. If you happen to be a working professional then you will not come across in hindrances. You will be interested in your job and your work will also go on smoothly. Those looking for a job may also get some good news. Business professionals may come across a positive time.
You will make a great amount of profits and your self-confidence will increase. The 7th house of your sign is under the occupancy of Jupiter and it is being affected by Mars and Venus at the same time. These planetary positions will pave the way for success with regards to your trade ventures.
The efforts you have made in connection to your business will not go in vain. You may also get an opportunity to to initiate a new trade venture. It is also quite a favourable time to make new investments. Overall speaking, the time will be quite right for your professional life and new sources of earning money will be made available to you.
If we talk about your economic life, then this month has some mixed results in store for you. Many sources of earning money will be made available but your spendthrift nature may pose problems for your financial condition. The royal planet Sun and the dualistic planet Mercury is residing in your 12th house and also aspecting the same house. For the uninitiated, the twelfth house happens to be the house of your expenses. Because of all these planetary positions, your expenses may increase drastically. Try to keep a tab on your expenditures.
The planet Venus will move. However, in the second half of the month, Venus will reach your second house, that is, the house of savings along with income. Also, the Sun and Mercury will also leave the 12th house and enter your zodiac sign. Extravagance will be curbed. On August 26, Mercury will again change its zodiac sign to reach your second house, where Venus is already seated.
This conjunction of Mercury and Venus will not only increase your income, but will also encourage you to save. Your bank balance may increase. There will be a tendency for some investment etc. and will invest the money correctly.
Talking from the point of view of health, the month of August can be full of ups and downs for the Leo zodiac. The presence of the Sun in the 12th house can be somewhat troublesome in terms of health. Saturn is in the sixth house of the diseases and is aspecting the twelfth.
You may have to go to hospital etc. or there may be some expense on the diseases. But the latter half of the month will prove to be a troubleshooter. On August 17, the Sun’s is changing zodiac signs and reaching your sign. This will improve health very fast. You will get rid of diseases. There is a need to be cautious in the first half. There may be bone related problems or any knee related problems prevalent in your body.
Love/Marriage/Personal Relations
For love relations in particular, this month will turn out to be great. After taking a look at the planetary positions, it can be stated that you will come across an extremely favourable time during August 2021.
Those natives who are already in a love relationship and are facing problems will witness them getting eradicated during the stretch of this month. All the misunderstandings and conflicts will come to an end finally. You will get some exciting opportunities to spend quality time with your partner. You may go out on dates shopping or even a trip with your beloved.
If you wish to get married to your partner, then this is the right time to go ahead with the idea. A little effort on your part will take your relationship to a whole new level. Unmarried natives may also be bombarded with marriage proposals. On the flip side, married natives will also come across an equally favourable time during the month of August.
If there have been any ongoing disputes with your life partner, then they will come to an end during August 2021. Mutual love, respect and intimacy will increase during this time. You will remain at the receiving end of conjugal bliss and happiness.
Family & Friends
If you take a look at the domestic life of the students belonging to this sign, then it may be full of ups and downs. Ketu present in the 4th house may force you to stay away from your home and family members. You may also have to take a trip during this time.
The fourth house of your sign is under the aspection of Mars because of which your mother’s health may remain in low spirits. If she has been suffering from any chronic disease, then take the right amount of care it is necessary to keep her well being stable.
Keep the medicines handy as a little carelessness on your part may be quite harmful for health. You will acquire the full fledged support of your younger siblings. They will also help you to acquire some wealth. During the second half of the month, your family members may visit you. You will get to spend some quality time with them and you may also plan a trip with your near and dear ones. Your mind will remain happy and elated and a family function is most likely to take place very soon.
Feed green fodder and spinach leaves to the cow(Gau Mata) with your own hands.
Donate Desi Khand, Masoor Dal, Fennel seeds, Chuare or Dried Dates, Honey on Sunday.
One copper coin should be given away in flowing water.
Donate and distribute food to the needy and the blind.

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