Leo Monthly Horoscope (September, 2022) General The Leo natives are honest and efficient. They .

Leo Monthly Horoscope (September, 2022)

The Leo natives are honest and efficient. They know how to create an impression on people with their unique personalities. In this regard, September 2022 will bring favourable results for the Leo natives in the field of career. In the latter half of the month, the lord of your tenth house will be present in your second house and give you good career opportunities. The presence of the Red Planet, Mars, in your tenth house and its aspect on your fourth house will result in the growth of your income, and you might even own a vehicle during this time. The working employees will be appreciated at the workplace because of this and their colleagues will be seen seeking their advice. The Leo businessmen will also succeed in attracting and satisfying their customers in the market during this time.
However, this period will bring mixed results for the Leo students. The lord of your fifth house Jupiter will be present in your eighth house, which will help you in performing well in your studies. Due to the aspect of Saturn on Jupiter in the eighth house, the students will fail to concentrate on their studies. In this situation, stay motivated and confident and prepare for the upcoming exams with the help of your seniors or teachers. The Sun’s grace will provide favourable results to the students preparing for competitive exams. The conjunction of Sun and Venus in your first house will work towards giving desired results for the students preparing for government jobs. You will get mixed results in family life. The presence of Venus in your second house in the second half of the month will help you attain the support of your parents. But the aspect of Saturn and Mars on your house of the family will create some problems in the family life due to your aggressive nature during this time.
This period will be very important for Leo lovers. The presence and aspect of Jupiter, Venus, and Sun in various houses of your horoscope this month might give some problems to the natives in love. But when the sun will transit again in the latter half of the month, the natives will resolve all their relationship problems with their intelligence. This period will bring negativity in the speech of the married Leo natives. Due to this, there will be bitterness between you and your spouse. You must go out somewhere with your partner and try to resolve your issues through proper communication.
The Leo natives might have to go through ups and downs in terms of finances this month. The presence of Saturn in your sixth house can give you health-related problems. Therefore, you need to take special care of your eating habits and try to eat the right food at the right time. Otherwise, you may face problems related to your stomach and intestine.
Being born in the Leo sign, you are a justice lover who loves to complete their work with complete authority. You will get favourable results in your career this month. In the latter half of the month, the lord of your tenth house will transit in Virgo and enter your second house which will give you a good position in your career. Along with this, the presence of Mars in your tenth house and its aspect on your fourth house, i.e., the house of comforts and vehicles is indicating the purchase of a vehicle or a house. This will help you improve your reputation among your peers, and they will seek your advice. This period will allow you to increase your income as your chances of getting an increase are going to be high during this period.
This period will be good for the Leo businessmen as well. During this time, you will get the cooperation of your subordinates which will help you establish a good reputation in the market. However, your opponents will be active at this time, but they will fail to bring you down. You must seek the advice of seniors or experts when needed for earning maximum profits.
This month will be full of ups and downs for the Leo natives in terms of finances. You must avoid lending money and making investments to anyone this month.
Along with this, the natives who were planning to make big investments must refrain from taking any major decisions at this time. If it is very important, consult a senior or expert before investing. You are also advised to avoid spending money on your comfort and luxury this month.
The Leo natives will get mixed outcomes in the health domain this month. Saturn will transit in its own Capricorn sign and enter your sixth house, due to which you might suffer from problems related to indigestion, acidity, gas, etc. For the natives who had joint-related problems in the past, it might increase their trouble this month. Take care of your health as much as possible. The natives who are already suffering from disease must refrain from treating it at home and consult a good doctor when needed. Otherwise, a minor problem can become a serious issue in the future.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations
September 2022 will bring positive results in the love life of the Leo natives. The lord of your fifth house Jupiter is present in the eighth house of your horoscope, and the benefactor of love, Venus, will conjoin with the Sun in your first house during this time. Due to this, the Leo lovers might have to face some problems in the first half of the month. Your nature will be aggressive at this time, so you must try to control your anger from the beginning. But when in the latter half of the month, the Sun will again transit from your first house to your second house, the condition will become better. You will bring a positive change in your behaviour and try to mend things with your beloved. However, the natives in a long term relationship will get a good opportunity during this time, and they might take their relationship ahead in the direction of marriage.
There will be an influence of the Sun on the seventh house of the married Leo natives, which will bring negativity in their speech. Due to this, you could use foul language in anger, which you will regret later. So avoid doing such a thing and spare some time from your busy schedule to plan a romantic date with your life partner.
Family & Friends
The family life of the Leo natives will be mixed this month. In the first half of the month, Venus will stay in your sign and in the latter half, it will transit in its debilitated Virgo sign with Mercury, and form the Neech Bhang Rajyoga, which will give you the support of your family members and there will be economic progress in the family. You will take some important family decisions with their help. This period will motivate you to spend time with your family members which will make you aware of the different situations going on in their personal lives.
However, due to the aspect of Mars on your house of family, you might have to face some conflicts in the house. Owing to this, you must avoid taking important family decisions alone and do any work related to the house only after consulting the family members. Apart from this, you are advised to control your anger while you are at home. Otherwise, you can hurt the family members even if you do not want to, by saying something wrong.
Offer water to the Sun and recite its Mantras on Sunday.
Donate wheat that is equal to your weight to poor and needy people.
Apply Kesar tilak on your forehead regularly.

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