May 21 - Jun 20

Gemini Monthly Horoscope (June 2021)

On June 2nd, Mars moves into Cancer, where it can trigger domestic troubles and arguments. On the 3rd,
Mercury moves into Taurus. Mercury is a fast planet, and Taurus has a slow, plodding, mechanical kind of
energy. This can cause frustration and a sense of being stuck in the wrong gear for a sign such as you, built
for speed. You may find that some obstacles appear to block freedom of movement or that you can dream
big but physically feel lethargic and tired. This month the sun moves into Gemini, prompting a rise in
income and success for those who work in the stock market, politics, accounts, and finances. On the 22nd,
Venus moves into Cancer, marking a wonderful period for investment and financial prosperity. If you have
loaned money to someone in the past, the amount will be returned to you. Professionally and economically,
this is a truly remarkable period for you in which a lot can be achieved. You’ll have great instincts with
money, and if you trust your intuition can make wonderful choices. You may also find that expenses are
high, which can prompt financial instability. Mars is the planet of war and action, whilst Cancer rules the
home. As a result, your powerful energy can come out as aggression against those you love most. Try to
turn this energy outward as something protective and nourishing.This is a month for making money!
Because you are naturally wired to be creative, imaginative, and artistic, being one with such a keen mind,
you will likely wish to utilize your cerebral talents. What Gemini usually lacks above all else is the focus. It
tends to take a scattergun approach to its interests, grasping everything and ending up with a basket of
odds and sods that do not do well together. If you can refine your focus, narrow it down, and cut out all that
is extraneous, you will find that you fare much better. Your kaleidoscopic nature carries many merits, but
sometimes less is more. That is your lesson for the month. You can’t be or do it all at all times. Pick what
you wish to be today, and deliver.

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Har Har Mahadev

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