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Cancer Monthly Horoscope (January 2022)

January will bring mixed results for the Cancer natives. This month, the Sun will be present in the sixth house of your sign with Venus, and Saturn will form a conjunction with Mercury in the seventh house. Besides this, Jupiter will be present in the eighth house and bring challenges in different walks of life. This time will be difficult for the working employees as they might face troubles at the workplace. They will need to work hard to accomplish their goals as their colleagues and seniors will barely cooperate with them. The Cancer businessmen will enjoy a slightly favourable time as they might get good opportunities to expand their business ventures. They will also make long term business deals and other investments.
Cancer students will have to put in rigorous efforts to attain success this month. The students pursuing higher education will feel motivated, but on the contrary, those preparing for competitive exams will have to be more focused for a favourable outcome. Cancer natives dreaming of pursuing studies from abroad might succeed this month. However, the family environment will be tense and could lead to a conflict with younger family members. Your parents might also face health-related problems during this period.
This will be a pleasant time for the Aries lovers as they will be successful in attaining a good love life. The married natives too will fulfil their responsibilities with the support of their spouses. Their marital bond will strengthen, and they might even plan to go to a wonderful place together. Financially, January 2022 will be an average month. You might fail to keep your expenses in check at the beginning of the month which will create financial difficulties and lower your bank balance. However, you will successfully manage your expenses in the latter half of the month, along with increasing your income.
Owing to health, you need to remain careful as the unfavourable planetary position might negatively affect your health.
January 2022 will bear mixed fruits for the Cancer natives in terms of Career. Due to the conjunction of your tenth house lord Mars with Ketu in the eighth house from its place, i.e. your fifth house, the working employees will need to be careful at the workplace as they might face challenges. You could enter into a disagreement with your colleagues and seniors and fail to attain their support and this may create difficult circumstances for you. You could go through mental stress that will hinder your efficiency. If you don’t want to wreck your reputation and career, you must stay patient and avoid getting into conflicts with anyone. In addition to this, you need to steer clear of your opponents this month.
This month will bring favourable outcomes for the businessmen under this zodiac sign. You will expand your business by signing some long term deals, which will benefit you in the future. Along with this, the conjunction of Saturn and the benefactor of business, Mercury, in the seventh house will help the natives doing business in partnership in improving their bond with their partner and earning profits. This time will be favourable for making investments. A female friend might help you in attaining good profits through business opportunities.
In terms of finances, this month will bring average results for the Cancer natives. The entire month will be filled with expenses. January’s first half will be challenging for the natives. Due to the presence of Sun and Venus in the sixth house and the aspect of Mars on the twelfth house, from the fifth house, the natives are advised to manage their expenses and try to save money. However, the latter half will be comparatively favourable for you as your income will increase and expenses will be less during this time. You might benefit from obtaining money through your life partner as they will be favoured by fate. Some natives might acquire money from religious activities.
The Cancer natives will go through ups and downs on the health front this month. Sun will conjoin with Venus in the sixth house from your sign. Besides this, Saturn and Mercury will conjoin in the seventh house, and Jupiter will be present in the eighth house, which will give you troubles related to your health. 16th January onwards, the red planet Mars will enter your sixth house and become a reason for giving you major health issues in the latter half of the month. You are advised to be cautious and eat only healthy home-cooked food.
Love/Marriage/Personal Relations
January will bring above-average outcomes for Cancer lovers, and they might plan to go somewhere nice with their beloved. This will strengthen their bond. However, you need to pay heed to your partner’s health as they might suffer from physical health issues which will cause you to stress in the second half of the month. Owing to this situation, you should be there for them fulfilling your responsibilities as a good and loving partner.
The married Cancer natives will also enjoy a favourable time as their relationship will be harmonious and there will be mutual love and care in the relationship. Your spouse will support you in fulfilling your family obligations. Your positive mindset will pave the way to strengthening your compatibility with your spouse.
Family & Friends
In terms of family life, this month will bring mixed results for the Cancer natives due to the placement of Venus, the lord of the fourth house, in a retrograde state in your sixth house. The elderly members of the family, especially your parents, might face health issues during this time, which will cause you mental exertion. The family atmosphere will be disrupted and make you dissatisfied on the family front. Some Cancer natives might even end up in a conflict with their siblings. However, the tables will turn in the latter half of the month, and you will try to build a peaceful environment at your home.
Recite Shree Vishnu Sahasranama.
Continuously donate turmeric for a week to a religious place and apply sandalwood tilak on your forehead every morning after bathing.
Recite Guru Mantra 108 times daily.
Feed jaggery to cows especially on Sundays.
Offer food to children, and if possible, try to go to an orphanage and feed the kids.
Drink water from a copper vessel.

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