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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope (November 2021)

A lot of ups and downs will remain during the month of November for Aquarius natives. At times, luck will favour you, whereas during others, you may have to face obstacles and major challenges.
The month of November will remain average for your career. You will remain interested in studies and achieve good results as well. You will succeed in higher education. Also, you will learn something new this month. On the familial front, you won’t be able to give enough time to your family.
There are chances of several conflicts arising within the family due to this. Time is favourable for love relationships. This is a favourable period for you to propose the one you love. Unmarried natives may get suitable proposals for marriage and go ahead with the right choice since the time is auspicious. Aquarius natives will gain mixed results financially. Minor issues may arise with regard to your health, but you won’t suffer from any major disease.
With regard to career and professional life, aqueous natives will face several ups and downs during the month of November. Situations will remain favourable in some projects whereas you may face obstacles in others. You will not be able to focus well in your work, which may invite several challenges in your way. Concentrate on your tasks in order to escape any kind of troubles.
Employed natives will have to pay a heavy price in case they act all negligent regarding the work and may get to hear scoldings from the seniors. Situations are likely to improve after the planetary transit of the Sun from 16 November. As a result, the Sun will enter the Scorpio sign, which is the tenth House of Karma for your sign. With this, you will feel a sense of enthusiasm arising within you regarding your work.
You will succeed in your professional endeavours and achieve good results. Employed natives will see a rise in their responsibilities as well. Situations will turn out to be profitable in business.
On the economic front, the month of November is going to offer mixed results to you. This means that neither it will be good nor that worrying. The beginning of this month can start with new expenses. Sudden expenses may fall in your life. If you look at it, you will be surrounded by such situations in the first half of the month.
Due to the placement of planet Venus in the eleventh house, your expenses will remain on the high. With this, you will feel more stressed than ever. the tendency to spend unnecessarily may also develop within you. You can also spend a lot just to maintain your social image as well. Hence, you should remain cautious about your spending habits until 20 November. Plan your expenses accordingly since your income won’t increase that much, and excessive spendings can take a toll on you.
The planet Saturn will transit in the tenth house on 16 November. Situations will improve after that. you will become a lot while spending your money and think about accumulating your wealth. There are chances of an increase in your income as well. Overall, your financial conditions will improve.
This month of November is going to be full of ups and downs with regards to your health. Small health troubles will come and go. Sometimes, you may have to face troubles regarding your leg or bones or stomach infections. Although there won’t be any major problems, minor issues can make you irritable. The ruling lord of the sign Saturn is in the twelfth house. Along with that, the planet Jupiter is also posited in the twelfth house.
This planetary placement is the reason behind all health-related troubles you are facing currently. There may be a sprain in the leg, any minor injury, heel pain, joint pain and much more. Arthritis patients need to be a little careful. There is a possibility of you facing problems like stomach infection, gas, indigestion. Be especially cautious about your eating habits, and drink boiled water.
Jupiter will change its sign on 20 November. After this, your health will start to improve slightly. You will get immediate relief from stomach problems. Overall, you may need to remain cautious throughout this month when it comes to your health.
Love/Marriage/Personal Relations
This month will be very enjoyable for the natives in love. Romance will remain in the air. People who are in a love relationship will remain drowned in the ocean of love. From the beginning of the month, the aspect of Venus on the fifth house will intensify your love relationship.
You will have a good time with your sweetheart. Jupiter will also enter Aquarius on November 20 while bringing in a new feeling of love. Those planning to take the next step must go forward with the planning and tie the knot with their beloved since the time is right. For those who were waiting for the right person to enter in life, your good time has begun. Go ahead and propose your beloved since the time is right.
The month will bring good results for unmarried people who are eligible for marriage and are waiting for the right match. Unmarried natives will get riddance from any obstacles and may see their dreams of getting hitched come true. The time seems favourable for married natives as well.
With Jupiter transiting in the sign and aspecting the seventh house, situations will remain ideally favourable for natives who are married. Any ongoing conflicts between the married couples will come to an end. Although, with the transit of the Sun in the tenth house, things can intensify a bit. However, it will not majorly affect your relationship in any way.
You will enjoy good compatibility with your beloved. Fights will come to an end. You may get to hear any good news in the house. Natives who were planning for a child may get some good news.
Family & Friends
In terms of your family life, this month doesn’t seem to be much favourable for you. Due to the placement of Rahu in your fourth house, there will be a lot of hassles. You may remain unnecessarily busy during this time. This will definitely impact your family life.
You won’t be able to give enough time to your family, which may give rise to various conflicts and arguments. Therefore, do not waste your time on unnecessary activities and try to manage your tasks accordingly. You will get good support from your brothers and sisters and with their support, things will improve. They will also support you in your professional endeavours. Look after your father’s health.
Feed green vegetables or spinach to Gow Mata (Cow).
On Saturday, recite Shani Stotra and circumambulate around the Peepal tree.
You should cool yellow rice and offer it to Goddess Saraswati on Thursday. After this, distribute them among all.
Offer bread and milk to street dogs.
Donate Lal Masoor Lentil on Tuesday.

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