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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope (November 2021)

The month is very good for the career, especially for the employed natives. You can also get pleasant news from family members. At times, you may feel distracted from studies. Maintain concentration and stay focused. Time is favorable for those pursuing higher education. New opportunities can arise in the field of technical education. Stress in the family may be encountered.
It would be better if you try to avoid it instead of getting into it. There will also be support from brothers and sisters. November will be a little stressful for love affairs but will prove to be good for married people. You may come across any good news within the family. The month of November seems normal for you financially. You will come across constant sources of income.
Although your expenses will increase in this month, your income will simultaneously rise as well. You will remain particularly alert regarding your health during this month. Along with yoga and exercises, you will focus well on your eating habits. This will benefit you in the longer run. The members of the family will also enjoy good health.
This month should prove to be good for you in terms of career and profession. You will get exciting news from your family site Which will make you happy from within. You may organise a small party to celebrate the success.
Those in business will witness a good time. Due to luck favouring them, there will be an increase in the projects and overall work. You will establish new professional contacts, who will help you incur major benefits. You may back a big order. Also, your business acumen can also be appreciated. For those who are employed, they will gain respect at the workplace.
Discussion regarding promotion can also be carried out in full force. your responsibilities at the workplace will increase, or you may get the desired job transfer. Those working in the government sector can Inka special benefits. However, government officials must remain alert during this time. You will be instructed to carry out some immoral or wrong activities, for which you will be offered tempting provisions.
Going on this road can lead you to a deep dark hole in which you may remain trapped. With this, there is a possibility of defamation in the office. Hence, remain vigilant and alert at all times
If you talk about November from an economic perspective, then this month will give mixed results for you. Your sources of income will remain available. You will be able to make new deals in the business due to the constant support of the people. If you are working, then there are chances of promotion as well.
Your spendings may increase suddenly, but with a constant rise in your income, expenses will not be much of a worry. Therefore, financially, this month will be fine. Ketu is sitting in your house of income i.e. eleventh house. Ketu becomes an ally when present in the eleventh house. This will improve your financial situation. Sources of income will remain stable. But the aspect of Venus is on your twelfth house of expenditure. Venus is a benefactor of leisures and comfort, due to which your expenses will be made in this aspect itself.
On November 16, the Sun will reach your eleventh house. With the effect of the Sun, your income will increase. If you earn from the government sector, then it would be considered a very prosperous time for you. You may get your hands on some government contracts.
The lord of your house of profits Mercury will also reach the eleventh house in the month of November. This will improve your financial situation further. There are chances of immense profit in any work you do. You will also be able to save money. That is, in the midst of all the expenses, your bank balance can increase.
The month of November is going to be good for your health. You will be aware of your health and remain attentive on keeping yourself fit, which is a very good habit to develop. You will also become more cautious about what you eat and drink.
You will remain extremely devoted to your routine and worked out well by doing Yoga meditation and exercises. Therefore, no such health issue is seen to bother you. Everyone in the family will remain healthy. Overall, the month of November is going to be blissful for you when it comes to your health.
Love/Marriage/Personal Relations
This month will turn out to be sour and sweet for love matters. For those who are looking for their “perfect” love may get to meet someone under the influence of Rahu. However, before anything takes a good shape, Mars will appear to throw in some punches. That is, someone may get to know of your love affair, or you may get any threat from someone, due to which the seed of love can dry up before it sprouts. A lot will also depend on your understanding.
For those in a love relationship, there will be a lot of ups and downs. Rahu in the fifth house will awaken the feeling of love within you, but Mars will also create a feeling of ego in you. You will not be ready to bow down, which is at times required in love relationships. As a result, both of you will constantly argue even when you will meet. Think well, since this is not the time to fight but devote yourself to each other. If things go wrong, there can be a situation of separation.
Talking about the latter half of the month, the sun will transit in Scorpio sign on 16 November and aspect the 5th house which will add to your aggression and anger. You will maintain a dominating vibe around you, which can negatively impact your relationship.
Time will be good for married people. Mutual love will remain present between you two. you may receive any good news from your children’s side, which will create a festive atmosphere within the family. But from 20 November, you will need to be a little careful.
Due to the transit of Jupiter in Aquarius, small tensions can begin to brew in married life. Hence, communicate regularly and resolve your doubts before it gets too far. There will be an arrival of any new member in the family. Overall, this month is going to be enjoyable for married people.
Family & Friends
In terms of family life, this month should reflect your management skills. Sources of wealth will remain present, and there is a possibility of promotion at the workplace as well, but you will be able to take advantage of the conditions only when the mind is relaxed. As rightfully said, one fails to make the right decision if the mind is in an impulsive state. Hence, there are chances of you getting into an argument with either the members of the family or life partner.
You must avoid such situations and not get into unnecessary debates. Stay focused on utilizing the time and maintaining a good relationship with your family members. A sense of dominance will be witnessed between the members of the family as well. You must fix such problems under the guidance of the elders of your family rather than getting involved in it. After 20 November, things are likely to get on track due to favourable planetary transits.
After the transit of Jupiter, situations are likely to improve. The atmosphere within the family will become better. Problems may arise regarding your father’s health, but you will get the support of your siblings in this. If needed, your siblings will help you financially and support you in overcoming any obstacles.
Recite Shri Ganesh Chalisa and offer Durva or Modak To Lord Ganesha.
Recite Shani Chalisa on Saturday.
Serve and provide food to the disabled and helpless people.
Wearing a Sapphire gemstone of best quality in Ashtadhatu or Panchdhatu Ring on the middle finger on Saturday will be beneficial.
Offer a green-colored sari to your sister or aunt or you can also gift green-coloured glass bangles.

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