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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope (August 2021)

The month of August will give mixed results for the natives of Capricorn. In some areas, you may not notice problems, there may also be problems in others. In terms of career, August will not be pleasant for the employed people, but it will be very good for the business professionals.
This month can prove to be a little disappointing in terms of education. Students trying for higher education can get some good news in the last days of the month. Family life will also be full of ups and downs. More interference from the in-laws side can make the domestic environment a bit tense. There will be cooperation from the brothers and sisters.
This month is likely to be very good for love affairs. Relationship game will be strong and you will spend a good time together. A wedding may also be around the corner. There is a possibility of getting married this month.The financial situation is expected to be good this month. If the salaries and allowances of the employed people may increase, then the business professionals are also likely to get good benefits.
Do not try to save tax in wrong ways, otherwise you may have to pay in extra ways. In the first half of the month, due to your habits, you may face health problems. Health will be relatively healthy in the latter half.
This month is going to be full of ups and downs for the Capricorn natives with regards to your career. Venus is present in the eighth house. Due to their condition, the jobless people will face problems in the field.
There will be less concentration at work, which will have a negative effect on your professional life. The work may not be completed within the stipulated time and due to this your position at the workplace may be a little weak. You may also have to face the displeasure of high officials. The status of work will also fluctuate.
On August 11, Venus will return to Virgo, then the situation will improve slightly. There will be some relief situations in the workplace. A change in the position of Venus can lead to your transfer. You can also think about changing jobs. This month is very good for business professionals. Although both the first half and the second half of the month are good, the first half is particularly good.
The beginning of the month will be very good. Business will progress. There will be profit opportunities. Business may expand. New business relationships can be formed, from which you will benefit later. Cooperation of power and governance can also be found. Any government work contract can be found. There will also be progress in the work of self-employed people.
According to the planetary positions, the economic aspect of Capricorns is going to be fine overall this month. Devguru Vrihaspati or Jupiter is in your second house, which is the house of wealth and family. Also, Ketu is in the eleventh house, which is the sense of income and profit.
As a result of this condition of Jupiter and Ketu, your income will increase considerably. Along with earning from regular sources of income, there can be income from new sources as well. Salaries of employed people may increase, bonus or incentive etc. In the middle of the month, the Sun transit will change and go into the eighth house. There is a possibility of loss of money due to change in the Sun’s houses.
There may be a loss in investment etc. or money may be spent in unproductive activities. Therefore, caution is necessary in case of spending money. Pay the appropriate tax on whatever income is there, if you try to steal the tax, the result will be harmful. The government can impose a fine on you. More money will be spent on paying the penalty than tax evasion, so act prudently.
On 26 August, Mercury will move in the ninth house. It is the house of luck. This transit of Mercury is very good for business. There will be chances of good profit in business. Expansion of business is also possible. There may be trips in connection with the business and these trips are also likely to benefit you.
From the health point of view, August will give mixed results. Health will fluctuate. Saturn is located in your zodiac sign and in the seventh house is the presence of it’s father Surya. If the relationship between father and son is not good, then their conjunction may adversely affect your health.
Also, Venus will remain in the eighth house. Venus is the major causative planet of indulgence and luxury, and the eighth house is the significator of age, danger, accidents etc. So, as a result of the morning star being in this house, you will be inclined towards luxurious tasks and activities. There may be a tendency to consume alcoholic drugs etc. These lifestyle mistakes can cause health deterioration due to the presence of Venus in the eighth house.
On 11th of this month, Venus will change its zodiac sign and it will move from Leo to Virgo. Health can improve after this transit of Venus. It is advisable for you to keep a check on your mind this month, so that you can avoid serious health problems.
Love/Marriage/Personal Relations
For Capricorn natives who are in love, the month of August is expected to be very good. Rahu is sitting in your fifth house, which can be considered the best position for love affairs.
Lovers of this sign will be very serious about their relationship, which will deepen the relationship. Loyalty towards each other will increase. Due to equality in thinking, the feeling of sticking together will be stronger. There will be ample opportunities to spend time with each other. A walk-around program can be made together. The time for lovers will be hunky dory, but the month of August will not bring any good news for married natives.
There will be a lot of ups and downs in married life. The reason for this is the presence of the Sun in the seventh house and the aspection of it’s son Shani Dev. The seventh house is the house of marriage, partnership, so the presence of the Sun and the aspection of Saturn in it can prove to be stress-enhancing.
Additionally, the Sun will transit in the eighth house on August 17, resulting in a negative impact on your relationship with your in-laws. When the relationship with the in-laws will be affected, then obviously there is a possibility of an impact on the relationship with the spouse, which is not good for your married life.
Family & Friends
Family life of Capricorn natives will be full of mixed results this month. In your second house, there is the presence of Jupiter, the guru/mentor of all the Gods. The second house is the house of the family, so the presence of Jupiter in it will provide happiness and peace in the house.
But there is a problem that Mars, the lord of the fourth house, is transiting in the eighth house. This state of Mars can cause tension in family life. The homely environment can be uncomfortable. Small things can disturb the happiness and peace of the house. The interference of your in-laws will be more in your life, due to which there may be bitterness in your family life. Your father may have health problems in the latter part of the month.
Due to this, the mind can remain restless. There is good news for you on the siblings front. You will get very good support from them. You will also get full help from them in any problem. This will give you a lot of comfort.
Recite the Aditya Hriday Strotam regularly.
Recite Sunderkand on the day of Saturday.
Chant Bhairav Chalisa.
Put some cardamom seeds in a yellow cloth and keep it with you.

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