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Aries Monthly Horoscope (November 2021)

This month will offer mixed results for you. You need to be cautious in some cases. This month is good in terms of your career. There will be desired results in the field of education too, but you will have to give up your lazy attitude and habit of procrastinating things. Family life will remain pleasant, but avoid overstating small things. The first half of this month is favourable for love and married relationships, but there may be some difficulties in the latter half. From a financial perspective, this month will be full of ups and downs, which is why you need to remain careful. This month, your health will remain slightly low, but there are no chances of you suffering from any serious illness.

This month is likely to be pleasant for you in terms of your career. There is a strong possibility of you getting a promotion. You should not let this opportunity get out of your hands. Do not hesitate to work hard and give all you have. Maintaining a friendly behavior with everyone at the workplace will turn out to be beneficial. If you get bestowed with a new responsibility, then do not take the backstep and come forward to fulfill it. It can prove beneficial for you in the future.
On 20 November, Jupiter will transit in the eleventh house of your horoscope. The transit of Jupiter in the house of income will bring a rise in your monetary sources. You will be motivated to perform auspicious tasks. The routes of wealth will open. With the help of relatives, the desire to do something new in order to earn well will become stronger. Time will also be auspicious in terms of trade and business. Opportunities pertaining to profits will appear in front of you.
However, you are required to remain careful in matters related to documentation. Also, avoid getting into unnecessary arguments and conflicts with the business partner when it comes to doing business in partnership. This can lead to loss of income and mental disturbance. The rest of the time is good.
From an economic point of view, the month of November is expected to be full of ups and downs. The first half of the month is expected to remain favourable. You will gain multiple sources of income. Also you can retain your impending money back with hard work in case it was stuck.
With the help of your friends and relatives, you may come across new opportunities to earn a good amount. However, you need to remain cautious when it comes to monetary transactions online or offline. Read the documents carefully before signing the papers and keep track of your cash flow.
The latter part of the month can turn out to be a bit unfavourable. Your money can get stuck at someplace. Financial losses are on the cards hence former consult your family members and think well before carrying out a transaction. If not important, avoid taking or loaning the money.
Think well before making business-related decisions and avoid taking one in a haste. a sudden rise in your expenses can be witnessed. This can disturb you mentally. try not to get into any argument or conflict in your business, as it can prove to be harmful for you and can become a big source of financial loss.
In terms of health, this month will give mixed results for you. In the first half of the month, Ascendant Lord Mars will be with Sun in the seventh house. This will cause you to get aggressive by nature and unhappy from within. The reason can be mental stress or excessive pressure, which can give rise to two problems related to high blood pressure.
People who are already suffering from blood-related disorders or high blood pressure need to remain careful. Also, women may have to face problems regarding menstruation.
Love/Marriage/Personal Relations
This month’s first half will turn out to be sweet in terms of love relations. Time is good for those who are involved in a love affair and are interested in taking the next step towards marriage. Married people will get the full support of their spouses. Any future plans will also be made with your spouse.
But the latter half of the month is not expected to bring in success in terms of love and marriage. From November 16, Sun will transit through your ascendant in the eighth house i.e. Scorpio. This can cause bitterness and arising conflicts in love relationships. The situation of the saying may stand.
Maintain harmony in nature and a steady flow of communication, otherwise distances as well as differences between you two may increase. Mercury will also enter the eighth house, which will act as a double-jeopardy for your love life. With the planets Sun and Mercury being in the eighth house, you may make some wrong and regretful decisions. So stay alert.
The presence of Mercury with the Sun in the eighth house often leads to a rise in the tendency of natives to break ties or stop any kind of communication. Stay moderate and control your mind otherwise things can go down the hill in your love life. There may be some differences arising between the husband and wife, and disputes over trivial matters can even lead to a situation of breaking up.
This month, especially its first half, will be challenging for your married life. Mars will be in the seventh house and in the first half of November, the Sun will also be seen in the seventh house of partnership. Due to this, aggressiveness can be seen in the nature of your life partner. There may be some differences with the in-laws after 20 November. It would be better to resolve the things internally with patience rather than projecting the familial problems socially.
Family & Friends
November is going to be a pleasant month in terms of family life. Meeting with an old friend or family member is on the cards. You will spend a happy time with family members. There will be a lot of support obtained from your siblings. You will be able to succeed in your task with the blessings of your parents. Consulting with parents before making any important decision will prove to be beneficial.
Mercury will be in the seventh house from November 2 to November 21. Mercury is the lord of your house of might, brothers and sisters as well as the sixth house. With the influence of Mercury transiting, there is every possibility of profit in business done with siblings, but there can be disputes arising about any subject. So remain very careful. Mend your relations and add sweetness in your approach.
Do not overstate trivial and unnecessary matters, but ignore them and sweeten the relationship. You need to be cautious, especially from 21 November. Mercury will change its sign and enter the eighth house of the horoscope, i.e. Scorpio. The third house lord and sixth house lord transiting in the eighth house will not turn out to be favourable for your siblings. With persistent problems, a sudden dispute over a small thing may arise. You should remember to avoid it diligently. Seek the support of your parents and create a sense of harmony.
Offer Arghya to the Lord Sun God every day with a copper vessel and recite Aditya Hridaya Stotra.
It will be beneficial for you to offer jaggery to the Bull on Sunday.
Wearing Pukhraj gemstone in a gold ring on the index finger on Thursday will be beneficial for you and will strengthen your destiny.
Offer Durvanakur to Lord Ganesha on Wednesday.
Chant the seed mantra of Mars- ॐ क्रां क्रीं क्रौं सः भौमाय नमः / oṃ krāṃ krīṃ krauṃ saḥ bhaumāya namaḥ.

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