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Aries Monthly Horoscope (August 2021)

The month of August is expected to remain quite favourable for you. With regards to career and other works, success will be yours. Stature will increase and you will remain elated. It is also absolutely necessary to maintain a certain amount of secrecy when it comes to your professional life.
For academic life, the time would favour you greatly. For academic purposes, you may even have to visit a foreign country. Money will keep flowing into your hands. Domestic life may remain a bit under the weather. Ego clashes with place between family members. Hence, you are advised to remain a bit cautious. Love life will remain positive. Conjugal life will also be quite blissful.
You will acquire the full-fledged support of your life partner. More than one source of earning money will be made available to you. Health will remain in good spirits provided you take care of your dietary habits. Overall speaking, you will come across one of the best times of your life during August 2021.
With regards to your professional life the month of August is expected to remain favourable. You will be seen working quite hard. You will try to accomplish your task with great hard work and efficiency because of which your position will remain quite influential at your workplace. Your hard work will be praised by your peers. The planet Sun is aspecting the tenth house.
During the beginning of the month, Mercury will also do the same. Saturn is already present in the very same house. Because of this, you will remain excited about your work but some mishaps may also take place. Job holders are requested to keep a tab on your behaviour with their respective colleagues.
The time is quite good for business professionals belonging to this sign as they will be able to see the face of success. Your trade venture may also get expanded. The second half of the month will be comparatively better and job holders will also come across a favourable time in this duration.
With regards to your economic life, the month of August will turn out to be quite fruitful for you. The 11th house of your sign is under the occupancy of Jupiter and it is also being affected by Mars and Venus at the same time. The second house is being resided by Rahu which will make sure you earn money from various sources. There are also chances of some sudden gains.
With regards to your business and trade ventures, you may witness the inflow of monetary resources. The second half of the month demands certain attentiveness on your part as your expenses are also likely to increase in this time. You might tend to show off while making large scale expenditures. Overall speaking, your economic condition will remain quite favourable and you may also be able to save a particular amount of money during the first half of the month.
Although from a health point of view, the month of August is going to remain hunky dory for you. But, you need to be a little cautious regarding your food habits. Do not consume stale food at all. Indigestion and stomach issues like gas may cause some problems in the first half of the month.
You can avoid these problems by consuming stomach-friendly and digestible items, and by being very religious about drinking water. Having Ketu in the eighth house at times proves to be somewhat difficult for health. Therefore, if you have any doubts about your health, then take the prescribed medicines immediately after consulting a doctor. Health will remain stable in the second half of the month. The concerns will be resolved.
Love/Marriage/Personal Relations
Natives who are in a love relationship will come across an extremely favourable and enjoyable time. The conjunction of Mars and Venus will be seen in your 5th house. These planetary positions can be considered to be quite favourable for your love life there will be an abundance of love and romance in your life and you will also be able to leave an influential remark for yourself in your partner’s life.
Consequently, your beloved’s love and respect for you will increase. You will spend the days of the month quite happily. You may also be provided opportunities to take a trip together. However, do not cross the boundaries while you are being intimate with your partner. Because of this, love and respect for one another will increase. Those natives who are not in any relationship as of now and I’m waiting for the love of their life may also get some good news.
Moving on, let us now talk about the fate of married natives during the month of August. You will come across an extremely favourable time during this month. You can expect each and every kind of support from your life partner which will keep you happy and elated.
Love and affection for one another will also increase. If you happen to be a business professional, then your life partners help and support will help you expand your trade. Due to better harmony and communication between one another, there will be pleasantness in your relationship. Unmarried native may get married during this time.
Family & Friends
The house which represents your family or kinsmen is under the occupancy of Rahu and the fourth house which is believed to be the significator of one’s domestic bliss and mother is being resided by the Sun and Mercury at the same time. Consequently, you will remain at the receiving end of some mixed outcomes, with regards to your domestic life. Because of the position of Rahu, misunderstandings may take place between family members.
An outsider may also plant the seeds of animosity between the members of your household. Hence, you need to remain careful. Do not let the strings of mutual communication breakdown. There may also be some clash of egos which is why you need to keep a tab on your behaviour. The support of siblings is on the cards. They will be blessed with success in their efforts because of which some amount of happiness will prevail over your domestic life.
Offer Arghya to Lord Sun with water stored in a Copper vessel and chant the necessary Mantra associated with Lord Sun.
On Tuesday, visit Lord Hanuman ji’s temple and distribute Bundi after offering it as a Prasad.
Do not give red clothes to anyone as a gift, nor take red items as a gift.
Cover a Gatte Ki Mala in a red-coloured cloth and keep it inside your safe.

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