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Virgo Year 2018 Horoscope

Ak astrologer forecasts 2018 for Virgo as the year of challenges. Virgo will go through many ups and downs and through a lot of challenging situation to reach their goal. That is a lot to say about a Virgo as Virgos are extremely hard working and work up to their mission by putting in their blood and sweat. You are known to be very smart and that is what equip you to tackle all kinds of situations. Though success will follow you but it will take a lot of sincere efforts from your side.

2018 is the year of compromises. You will have to face struggles to keep your relationship going this year. There will be hardships in professional front as well. Family will stand with you through your thick and thin. Your social life will be happening this year. You will get opportunity to shine with pride in as you leave no stone unturned when it comes to hard work even if it is toiling in sun. Thus 2018 is all about overcoming challenges.

Family and Social Life

In year 2018, your family is going to prove their worth and their place in your life. Born under virgo sun sign, you tend to get selfish at times but your love for family is something that is inevitable. You will travelling with your family enjoy a long vacation in a foreign nation, along with all the fun and frolic, the bond between you and your family will be strengthen. You will be attending a lot of social gatherings and social events that will help to relive the stress that you are going through your struggles.

Friend get together is on the cards as well. There are chances of something major to happen in your friend circle but try hard not to let it get to you. Do not get involved in any kind of quarrel, it will make the situation worse.

Career and Profession

Ak astrologer Astrologer says that it is going to be a tough year in terms of career. This year you will have to go through a lot of challenges to reach your goal. Though Virgos born never shy away from hard work but this time you have to put up a battle for that. Politics at workplace may try to stop you from proving your worth. But you need to maintain your cool and try hard not to let it get to your work. That is a lot to tell a Virgo as Virgo sun sign natives are born with an innate smartness to tackle nasty situations calmly. You may not be recognized at workplace for your hard work and rewards may disappoint you but don't feel let down as in the near future, you will be benefited by the same. A colleague may create unfavorable situation for you, look out for such people.

Financially, you will do well. This year some house work will demand your attention that will require a big amount of money so plan wisely and do not over spend on stuff you do not need lest you will feel miserable when the actual need arises. Those involved in business will receive a fair amount of return on the projects started last year, it is also a good year to start any new project you have been thinking to do. People involved in job may not get desired salary hike. It is not a good year to invest your money in any new scheme. Consult an expert before making any decision regarding investments.


With all the stress hovering your mind, try to get out there and breathe in the fresh air. Not to give a break to yourself will only be torturing your physical and mental health. Trip to a foreign place with family is on the cards. It will be a relaxing retreat for you. When things get nasty, go for a couple days break.

The month of june will be a little relaxing one, you can concentrate on your family and plan something to enjoy together. Business trip might be possible. Those thinking to settle outside the country may get disappointed due to visa or other formalities. Avoid long drive and road trips, it may add up to the stress.

Health and Fitness

The increased stress levels can make you suffer mentally and that will take a toll on your health as well. Sometimes you need to step back from everything, relax and give sometime to yourself. Half way through your work, you can enjoy what makes you feel happy and relaxed. Practice yoga and meditation, they are great stress busters.

Avoid spending too much time in sun, it may cause some skin problems. Eat nutritious food instead depending on outside food for most of the time.

Love and Relationships

The 2018 Virgo horoscope foretells that this year is going to be challenging for the Virgos on all the front. Just like your career, your love life will also require a lot of work. Fight between you and your partner may occur more than often. It would be better if you stay quiet for a while and try to understand the situation of your partner. You will be involved in your work and that may jeopardize your love life. Avoid making any decision while being furious or frustrated. The third quarter of the year will be easy on you and your spouse.

This year you may cut loose your relationship and realize that it is better to move on in life. Those who are single will be more interested in casual relationship than in any serious relationship. Try not to get too frustrated if your partner demands your attention. Those married may think on extending their family but they may not succeed due to the ongoing pressure and stress. This year your partner will be your strength as you progress through the rough patches. AK Astrologer says that it is better not to commit anything serious and just go with the flow.


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