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Pisces Year 2018 Horoscope

The water sun sign of zodiac, Pisces will go through tunnel of struggle and emotions throughout the year 2018. Ak astrologer predicts 2018 as a very challenging year for the Pisces born. Pisces feel be lot more grounded and confident this year. The first half of the year will be tougher than the latter one. When it comes to your career, you are likely to think outside box to come up with different ideas. Finances are likely to go up and down this year. Love is easier this year. Romance comes naturally to you. Avoid too many emotions in your relationships, it can ruin the fun. You are likely to make a big change in your life that you have been trying to do from last couple of years.

2018 will come with some huge responsibilities that may disturb yourself time to an extent. Sacrificing some fun for security is bound to pay off in the long run. Remember to have fun in the moments you can, worrying about the future do not make it any good but it certainly makes your present worse. .

Family and Social Life

The Pisces zodiac sign born should remember to spend quality time with family and spouse whenever you get time. Because of work commitments, you may not be able to attend family events but you will make most of the few functions you will attend. Pisceans are usually introvert beings with having only few friends. There are chances that you meet a very old friend of years accidently and you two will end up having a great time. A long due friends get together will become possible in the later half of the year. Make time for your kids, they deserve your attention. A trip with the family will strengthen your bond with the family and you will have a fun and crazy time together.

Don't shy away from attending social events, they may become the reason for your professional growth as you meet some influential people.

Career and Profession

The first half of the year will be somewhat difficult for the Pisces sun sign native, predicts Ak astrologer. Your career will put up serious challenges for you at workplace. You will have to work really hard in order to prove your worth. You will definitely get recognised but you need to have patience and work calmly. In the other half of the year, your worklife will be like breeze, it will be easy and fun to work. You are likely to make friends with your colleagues and it gets easy to work in such an evironment. Your bosses (in case of job) and your partners (in case of business) are likely to appreciate your creative ideas and accept them. So don't be afraid to share them with your superiors or partners at workplace, let the creativity flow.

Ak astrologer Astrologer says that this year, you need to keep a close watch on your finances. Avoid spending money on frivolous stuff and luxurious items. Chances are that you won't have money when you will really need it. Ak astrologer Astrologer advices you to save some money and spend some. While it is a lot less fun but very beneficial for the future. It is not a good year to invest your money in real estate and shares in particular. But you really want to put your money to a better use, talk to an expert.


Travel with family and spouse are possible in the month of June and July this year. Pisceans treasure memories, they love to travel. While being engaged in work, travelling with the loved ones will be fun and crazy. Travelling for work is on cards. You may be pensive regarding expanding your business across borders and you will be successful to a great extent.

Month of august is auspicious for those thinking settle outside home country.

Health and Fitness

Apart from some minor setbacks, your health will be good this year. Don't let the work stress get to your physical health. Healthy and nutritous food is necessary to keep your health going. Avoid eating too much outside. There are chances that you acquire the unnecessary fats this year. It is always better to make the necessary measures.

Enroll yourself in a yoga or cardio class to keep the extra calories off you. Some skin allergies are likely to occur. Try music therapy to keep your mind calm, it works like magic.

Love and Relationships

Ak astrologer astrologer predicts that your love life in 2018 is going to be happening with all that laughs, tears and romance, ofcourse that is what you dream about your love life. Your partner will prove to be your strength this year. You will realise that relationships are more than just give and take. Pisces zodiac sign often tends to get really possessive about their spouse and their one different move offend you. The need of the hour is to understand your other half otherwise things get sour and fights take place often. An outsider may try to speak ill of you, watch out for such people. It is time to shake things up with your partner. Your sexual life will also be exciting, do something that keeps the romance alive.

Those who are single, chances are that you will meet your special someone right now. Those in relationship should not get in to another affair or casual relationship. Such mistakes will make you lose what you have. There is a possibility that you may date your close friend just for a fling. While you are in a beautiful relationship, don't let a fling destroy that precious bond. The second half of the year will be better than the first half. People in relationship can think of moving to another level as marriage is on the cards by the end of the year. Those who are already married will get a good news soon. Childbirth and pregnancy is possible in the second half of the year.


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