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Capricorn Year 2018 Horoscope

Ak astrologer predicts that 2018 is the year of change. The Capricorn zodiac sign natives will get a chance to change everything that you planned in the last year. Though it may seem that the things are not progressing at the pace you desired but it is for your benefit. Though this year is forecasted to be a lot busier and involving than the last one, but you need to make sure that you keep up with everything that is going around you. Don't forget to make time for your family and friends. Capricorn born are very practical in nature and they believe in going with the flow. While others dwell in the past and stay excited for the future, you live each day and enjoy the present moment.

Professionally, you will do well. May be not as good as you expect but it is worth your time and efforts. Some surprises are awaiting you in your personal life this year. Accept them with a grin on your face. Travel is on the cards. Health may cause some distress but it is far from putting your life in somersaults.

Family and Social Life

Ak astrologer says that family is your real treasure. This year you will get ample opportunities to spend time with your family but you will chose work over it. Avoid too much indulgence in work as it is important to give due love and care to your family. Plan a trip with the family and spouse. It will help you to revive the bond and connection that you lost over the years. You may stumble upon an old friend that will freshen up your old memories.

This year you will be attending a lot of social events that will widen your scope of knowledge regarding your career field. You will get to meet influential people, remember to get in good contacts with them, it will help you in near future. .

Career and Profession

2018 is a year of change for the Capricorn born. You will get umpteen opportunities to change what you have been thinking to alter in your career from a long time. Though it might seem that things are moving slowly or not moving at all, you need to keep trying, as success is inevitable. Results will come, may be at a slow pace, but they will arrive and that too desired. This year is going to be good for you in terms of professional life as Saturn is in your favour from the second quarter of 2018. People born under Capricorn 2018 are very hardworking and focused on their work. They put all their efforts to climb the ladder of the success. In fact, the harder they work to achieve their goal, the more satisfied they feel.

The Capricorn born natives are very analytic in nature. They know how to use their time and money to proper use. Your finances may not be that good in the first half but as soon as your ideas begin to take shape, it will get better. In the second half of the year, your earlier projects will start to generate revenue and there are bright chances that all your debts will be recovered. Avoid spending too much on luxury items, buying a property this year will prove to be beneficial in the future.


Travel is on the cards for the Capricorn born. However foreign trips planning may not be materialized but chances of trips in the home country are very bright. A trip with the friends will refresh your mind and bring joy relieving all the stress and tensions going on in your life. Business and work related tour is possible. Those involved in job may get a chance to acquire secondment in another state or city, such reassignment will benefit your career.

Family trips will strengthen your bond with the loved ones. Those thinking to settle down in another country may be disappointed as this is not a suitable year to do so.

Health and Fitness

With no major health issue, you boat of life will sail smoothly in terms of health in 2018. Avoid getting indulge in too much drinking and smoking that may be a result of your frequent social outings. Such habits may ruin your health and can cause a long distress to your mental peace. A trip with the loved ones will rejuvenate your senses by breaking your monotonous routine for a while.

Meditation and yoga are great tools to maintain your calm, at the same time they also give you an insight to understand things better.

Love and Relationships

The Capricorn horoscope forecast 2018 will be year of love for the Capricorn born. Those looking for a serious relationship will get lucky in the month of February and march. Couples in relationship may quarrel over small issues and things may turn sour between the love birds. Some people will try to break your relationship and matter can turn really serious. But things will fall in to place soon. The need of the hour is to maintain your cool and don't pay much heed to what you hear. It is necessary that you communicate with your partner. Holding back emotions will only make things worse. It is going to be a little tough year for personal relationships.

Ak astrologer Astrologer advices you to chant few mantras that will help you maintain your calm. You tend to get fussy over small things. Do not let work or non-living things ruin your beautiful relationship. The latter half of the year is good to make decisions regarding your personal life. Avoid making decisions while you are angry. You will also get redemption from a past guilt or any unwanted or forceful relationship this year, freedom awaits you. November and December are auspicious months to tie nuptial knot with your love. You can talk to your parents about getting married as chances are that they will approve your proposal. Married couple may not extend their family this year as this is not the favorable time period to welcome a new member to your family. Puja and homam can make your tough time a lot easier. Consult an astrologer to get knowledge about the required provision.


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