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Aquarius Year 2018 Horoscope

In the 2018, the Aquarius born will reap the fruits of the hard work that you did in 2017.2018 will be the most important year of your life in terms of career and professional growth. Though you faced a lot of difficult times in 2017 but that tough time is passed now and you will see a new light of hope and positive energy in the coming 2018. Aquarius zodiac sign bearers will enjoy the year while indulging in adventures and new areas of interests. There is possibility of travelling abroad this year. In terms of relationship, look for a partner who seems loyal rather than getting hypnotized by what appeals to the eyes.

Aquarians are family people and you love to be the center of any family function or get together. You possess the quality to bind the members of the family in the thread of love, respect and care. This year, you will get a chance to revive the magic moments you have lost with your family and loved ones during your struggling times of the past year.

Family and Social Life

Family, friends and social life will loom large this year for the Aquarius sun sign natives. 2018 will come with umpteen opportunities to connect with your family, far off living friends and reaching to the social circles at large. Your family and Social life will keep you busy and happy throughout the year, creating a beautiful surrounding and an optimistic environment around you.

Your family always had and always will support you in your good and bad times. Their encouragement boosts you to climb up the ladder of success. You will enjoy many family occasions this year that you might not have been a part of from a couple of years. You might catch up with some old friends and think of starting up a new venture.

Career and Profession

In 2018, the professional life of the Aquarians will see a boom after the first quarter of the year. At first, you might feel disappointed as things will not move as per your expectations. But as the year progresses, such events will take place that will take your career and professional life up to the ladder of success and fame. You are destined to enjoy praise at your workplace and fame for your talent. It is high that your talent gets recognition. This is a good year to start new ventures and kickstart the pending ones. Cooperation from the needed parties will be available.

You need to be more diplomatic and practical while dealing with the business issues. Do not be soft with the co-workers as your politeness is often taken for granted by others. As for finances, this is an extremely lucky year for you. All the due payments will be cleared and debts in your favor will be returned. The projects started in the past few years will begin to give revenues by the third quarter of the year. Be careful while spending on the luxurious items as they are just pure expense. Your money can be put to better use if spent wisely. This year, you need to play smart while making any huge investment and it is always better to consult an expert before doing so.


Travelling abroad because of business opportunities are in store for the Aquarians. Do not let go of such opportunity, it might prove very beneficial for your business and career. Other than professional prospects, there are possibilities of going on a holiday trip along with family or friends. Let yourself set free in fresh air, a break from the routine life is beneficial to relieve stress and tensions.

2018 will open new cards of happiness, joy and prosperity for the Aquarius born.

Health and Fitness

Mercury is on your side this year, thereby blessing you with a robust health and a sound mind. You might feel dizzy at times in the first quarter of the year but after that time passes, you will start to feel energetic. Do not let work pressure let you down, it is just a phase! Plan a holiday to rejuvenate your body and mind. Yoga, light exercises and spa will help you keep your health in shape.

Take a balanced and nutritious diet, important for a healthy life. 2018 will prove to be a good year for you.

Love and Relationships

2018 is a year full of love and romance for the Aquarius sun sign born people. This year you will see yourself indulging in the new stage of life. There is strong possibility of turning a love affair in to a strong bond and relationship that will acquire a new name. Trust your heart and not your ears when it comes to your loved ones. You might feel like testing the loyalty of your lover and chances are they will not disappoint you. Faith is the most important ingredient in a relationship, try not to stumble upon that.

You might face disagreement over some issues with your partner but that is not supposed to be the end of the road, there is more to it than meets the eye. Try to look beyond small rifts and quarrels, they are normal in every relationship and in fact it makes the bond grow stronger and keeps the affection alive. You have ignored your partner in the last year due to your work commitments and professional issues, this year is the good time to make up for the lost romance. Try the new ideas to make your partner feel loved and needed.

Single Aquarians will get chances to date and getting in to new relationship in the month of August. This is a good year to tie knot with your loved one. December is an auspicious month for marriage or engagement. Married couples may try to add a member to their cute family as this is the suitable time.


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