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Sun Transit in Scorpio

Sun Transit in Scorpio - 16 November 2018 results and effects are as follows


Sun will travel into your eighth house. Therefore, your wellbeing will be tricky. Fever, cerebral pain, and so forth can encompass you. Ill-conceived things can turn into a reason for criticism. Abstain from being around awful organization. Your rivals will be amazing. You will go through essential occasions with your kids and companion. Keep separate from negative behavior patterns like betting or wagering. Loss of riches is surety in the event that you don't abstain from these. Your mysteries may not remain a mystery any longer. The likelihood of them getting uncovered is high.

Cure: Worship Lord Vishnu.


Sun in your seventh house demonstrates development in profession. An advancement may make you merrily however family life gives off an impression of being focused. Hitched couples may not find a sense of contentment with one another. The falling wellbeing of your life partner might be motivation to stress. Your kids may likewise endure amid this travel. In any case, your mom will be profited amid this stage. Obstructions may anticipate smooth stream of work. Have persistence and do equity to your obligations.

Cure: Donate jaggery on Sunday.


Dwelling in the 6th house, Sun brings an uplifting news of endeavors being transformed into potential outcomes alongside circumstances being transformed into progress. Your foes will be crushed without hardly lifting a finger and you will exceed expectations at your working environment. Insignificant issues may come up yet you will generally speaking stay sound. Government strategies may end up being valuable. An ascent in sense of pride, harmony in family life and thriving is anticipated by our specialists.

Cure: Chant Aditya Hridaya Stotra.


Sun will travel into your fifth house. This demonstrates monetary profits yet clashes with friends and family or relatives. Dodge pressure. Your kids may likewise experience something distressing. Set aside opportunity to converse with them. Despite the fact that you yourself will be sincerely disappointed, it is your duty to comprehend and address their issues. Your life partner will be more grounded in their vocations. You may satisfy an obligation. An occupation change might be arranged by you. Abstain from being a vain person.

Cure: Donate prescriptions to poor and ailing.


In your fourth house, Sun will travel. Advantages from government, change in vehicle or house, and advancement of your life partner is shown by this travel. Your picture in the public arena will be more grounded and better. Stress and contentions in close to home life must be maintained a strategic distance from. Mother's wellbeing needs therapeutic consideration. Take great consideration of her. Enormous buys are additionally anticipated.

Cure: Perform Surya Namaskar day by day.


With Sun going into your third house, your boldness may have all the earmarks of being lessening. Remain solid and don't make a solitary stride in reverse. Strife with kin and change in employment is anticipated. Monetary benefits and enthusiasm for religious deeds are likely. Travel and chance to meet officers or individuals of high assignment is shown by the planets.

Cure: Donate wheat to require on Sunday.


In your second house, Sun will make your voice cruel and make circumstances of contention. Individuals with negative contemplations may approach you. For money to expand, you have to work harder. In spite of the fact that you can win an attractive sum in the event that you continue endeavoring. Eye issues, migraines, fever and so on cam hamper your work. To dispose of wellbeing afflictions, drink plentiful water. Property given on lease will bring luckiness.

Cure: Donate red bloom and material on Sunday.


Sun in the main house will remove your concentration from everything except for work. Animosity and self image can make a distinction with companion and family. Undesirable adventures and sick wellbeing is anticipated. This travel will make pressure which must be dealt with contemplation. High points and low points in vocation will likewise make you feel insecure.

Cure: Worship Lord Sun.


Sun going into your twelfth house shows fever, stomach infections, a sleeping disorder or eye-related issues. A long outing or a chance to go abroad is anticipated. Your costs will be more. Issues with companions will bother you. A terrible name is most noticeably bad than an awful individual. Abstain from being cooked as one. Upsetting time is shown by the stars. Have tolerance. Those connected with remote nations in any way may get some uplifting news or achievement.

Cure: Dissolve sindoor in water and add a red bloom to it. Offer this water to Lord Sun.


This travel of Sun in your eleventh house will bring unforeseen prizes. Seniors will bolster you and association with individuals of significance will get merged. Your assignment may change for better or you might be congratulated for something. An elevated feeling of self-conviction and uplifting news makes this travel a good for one. Things you never envisioned will move toward becoming reality. Your family life will be great however love life needs consideration.

Cure: From a copper vessel, offer water to Lord Sun.


Sun is moving into the tenth place of your sign. This demonstrates achievement, advancement and bliss. Self image and state of mind have never done any great. Maintain a strategic distance from them. Unsettling influence in family life is anticipated. Those having an administration employment will get unforeseen returns. Your self-assurance will be high and awards will be surrounding you. The bustling calendar won't permit much family time. This can make a troublesome circumstance, particularly on the off chance that you are hitched. Oversee things with consideration and concern.

Cure: Donate a saffron shaded fabric to a Lord Vishnu sanctuary.


Sun in going into your ninth house. Your battles will increment and you should put in additional endeavors to achieve your errands. Your dad's wellbeing may be on a decay. A move or change in the work environment is anticipated. Contentions with kin are conceivable. You will be slanted towards religious exercises. Be certain and battle till the end. Your certainty will ascend as you defeated every one of the deterrents. Achievement will desire beyond any doubt. Mental harmony will keep you quiet. A long trek might be en route.

Cure: Offer red shaded blooms to God this Sunday.