Mercury Transits in Libra

Mercury Transits in Libra October 6th to October 26th 2018

Mercury is a companion of Venus and moves into Libra, joining retrograde Venus and Jupiter on October 6. Mercury, the ace of retrograde movement and also chipper correspondence, could be very valuable amid this delicate month of Venus and Sun doing the tango.

Mercury joins retrograde Venus and direct moving Jupiter who will before long progress from Libra into Scorpio on October 11. Mercury is awesome at overseeing, imparting and moving around, so will be enthusiastically strong to Venus amid this month.

We likewise esteem Mercury's gifts at examination. Since Mercury has little want for power in his very own right, it gives him objectivity when filtering through data and information. This could prove to be useful as we are breaking down how our connections and associations are either bolstering or draining us.

Mercury is solid and glad in Libra. This could give a reestablished excitement for the two connections (Venus) and studies (Jupiter.) Especially in the period before Sun moves into Libra on October 16, Libra is at present free of negative angles and impacts, giving us a perfect move floor on which to meet our companions and darlings.