Libra ascendant Jupiter is Lord of two malefic house i.e third and sixth house and is a malefic planet for you.

Jupiter travel was hard for you a year ago on the grounds that it was going through your first house which is the most vital house in soothsaying.  Presently Jupiter will experience your second house which is a maraka house.  In spite of the fact that this travel will be better at that point last travel in Libra yet at the same time alerts are required in it.  We should perceive how every part of your life will be influenced by this travel.


So now Jupiter is out of your first house you can expect an alleviation in your vocation particularly when you profit by means of commission yet at the same time alerts are required and make an effort not to go for broke untill 2019 begins.  In the event that you are into business and have association in it, at that point it is very adviseble to keep a beware of your colleague.  You may get tricked or there can be some miscommunication with your Business accomplice.  On the off chance that you are working some place with a strict supervisor on you then this Jupiter travel 2018-2019 will cause more weight on you.  In general you have to convey certain alerts particularly in the event that you are into employment.  This travel is looking better then past travel however not all the favorable.


Jupiter is a malefic and its travel in second place of riches can cause a few issues with riches age.  I mean there will be riches yet not according to your desires.  In spite of the fact that positively the harsh fix will be gone at this point.  In any case, that doesn't mean you will go for broke with your cash.  On the off chance that you have commission based acquiring then you will see a development while for rest of callings certain issues will be there.


A malefic Jupiter travel in the second house can cause issues in your marriage and you may have some miscommunication with your life accomplice.  In spite of the fact that still this travel is better the past one where Jupiter was throwing an immediate angle over your seventh house.  second house is a maraka house for the life partner and there are changes that your mate or accomplice may get influenced contrarily and this can cause some additional weight on your marriage.  On the off chance that you are intending to wed then I figure you should hold up until the point when Jupiter goes to your third house in November 2019.  Despite the fact that in the event that you are extremely edgy then mid way 2019 you will bring an open door for you.  On the off chance that you are in a relationship then this progress of Jupiter will be great at that point a year ago travel through your ascendant.  On the off chance that you are searching for a labor on the other hand in mid year 2019 you will get a window for labor.  In the event that you have children then you can expect a superior time in their life.  Generally speaking a superior period for you relationship however not propitious the distance.


This is the territory I think requires the most consideration on the grounds that malefic Jupiter will go your second house now which is a maraka.  So an immediate association of sixth and second house will be made.  So I figure you do need to consider your wellbeing important and once year 2019 hits, you should take every essential alert.  The individuals who are into games should remain watchful in documented in light of the fact that on damage are there which can influence your vocation.


Remembering all factors the best solution for you is to make your fifth Lord solid in light of the fact that fifth Lord Saturn is a Yogakaraka for you and helps in managing medical problems.  You can do it by means of utilization of a Jyotish Quality Blue Sapphire (costly alternative) or an Amethyst (reasonable choice) in center figure of your correct hand.