For Capricorn ascendant Jupiter is Lord of two malefic houses.

First is third house and second is twelfth house and amid Jupiter travel 2018, Jupiter will be over your eleventh place of additions and accomplishment.  So I figure, you can expect blended outcomes from it.


For Career, Jupiter travel may not demonstrate much accommodating for you but rather I do see some expectation in it.  See being third Lord Jupiter travel over the eleventh is surely going to bring some advancement however same time being twelfth Lord it can cause a few deterrents in your way.  Since everything have positive and negative related with them.  The lordship of Jupiter over the twelfth house for your situation will demonstrate supportive for you particularly if your vocation is situated in abroad or on the off chance that you are attempting to travel to another country.  So this is the means by which I figure it will encourage you, generally on the off chance that you are into Business or profit by means of ventures or hypothesis then Jupiter travel in Scorpio may not demonstrate much supportive for you.  Generally a medicore travel for you with some positive and some negative shades in it.


As made reference to before that this Jupiter travel is looking useful if your profession is connected with abroad and this change of Jupiter can permit you additional increases from it.  In spite of the fact that you ought to be watchful of pointless costs particularly when you are in Dasha of planet Jupiter or Rahu.  Attempt not make overwhelming interests in this period since it may not demonstrate much accommodating on long haul.  By and large not all that travel with regards to riches and strength in accounts.  The following travel of Jupiter in Sagittarius in November 2018 is searching for good for it.


eleventh house will be place of senior kin and your companions circles likewise go under it.  It would appear that both will be dynamic amid this Jupiter travel 2018.  To the extent marriage life is worried, there will be few issues in it and is for the most part because of physical separation with the life partner.  In the event that you are searching for a perfect partner, at that point may discover support of fortunes amid this Jupiter travel 2018.  On other hand in the event that you are searching for a relationship then an immediate part of Jupiter over your fifth house will give you one.  Purchase same time the individual may not be from your own standing and in the event that we see the travel route in front of 2019 and relying upon marriage factors then a similar individual may turn your life partner in future.  In any case, again these are just broad forecasts and there are bunches of uncertainties and buts in it.


Jupiter amid its travel can cause some medical problems to you.  Particularly identified with shoulder and knees.  There might be few doctor's facility visits and your stomach may not be feel great all through Jupiter travel 2018.  There will be absence of vitality with in your and you may feel over lethargic.  Eating disoder can occur and same time you may feel depressive too.  So attempt to ensure these don't occur with you and keep your way of life dynamic and unadulterated.


The best cure here for you is utilization of a Jyotish Quality Blue Sapphire (costly alternative) or an Amethyst (reasonable choice).  By utilization of this Gemstone your ascendant Lord will be solid and you will have the capacity to pick up the most extreme advantages from this travel of Jupiter and same time its negative impacts will be outperformed.